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I like your style Larfalot! I do indeed. Keep on keeping on and thanks for the update.
Thanks free to Shine. The 'Disconnection' thing is so ridiculous. I guess this is the last post for this thread. The scientologists supposed to be wearing 'the buck stops here', i.e. being responsible for their jobs, are either catatonic or drinking gin and tonic.

Micheal Gordon and Vicky Dunstan are the closest thing to a 'Boss' that scientology seems to have here in Australia. Accountability for those under them apparently does not exist in their job descriptions nor in the scheme of things regarding whatever they are supposed to be doing all day. To the person who said it was a "dogs breakfast" regarding the hierachy, was right.

I think they think that the law does not apply to them. It probably doesnt because if you ask me some of them should plead insanity.

I havent finished yet though.
But this thread is finished.
Thanks to you guys who helped me. I am now 'hatted' on the top doggie

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