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Thread: 2012 Birthday Event Release

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    [QUOTE=FoTi;669766]She said it's the biggest source release on LRH to date!

    I'll bet it's what kind of tooth paste he used to give his teeth that lovely stain.....oh wait.....did he ever use tooth paste?

    Not at all relevant to this post but in response about his toothbrushing.. I saw Euthymol on his bathroom cabinet shelf! Lol

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    The facts of the 2012 Birthday Event Release by Jefferson Hawkins in a post on Tony Ortegas Village Voice blog:

    "These "volumes" are just the old "Ron Mags," in hard covers, part of the Church's longstanding practice of getting their captive flock to pay for the same materials over and over again. The backstory is this: There has been a longstanding project to write and publish Hubbard's biography. Most people know the early history of this - Gerry Armstrong was tasked with research, and Omar Garrison was supposed to write it. In fact, we presented this at the 1982 American Bookseller's Association Convention as one of Bridge Publications "upcoming titles." We had a cover mockup and everything. We were even taking orders. Then...nothing. I found out what has happened after I left Scientology. Gerry had, of course, found that much of the supposed history of Hubbard was out-and-out lies. The Garrison biography had to be suppressed, as Larry Brennan has written about elsewhere. Years later, the project was revived and a new writer assigned to it: Scientologist Dan Sherman. Sherman was brought to the Base in San Jacinto, set up with a nice house right next to the Base, and started working. Well, again, years go by and no bio. To fill in, he started writing a series of glossy magazines about various parts of Ron's life - "Ron the Photographer," "Ron the Master Mariner," "Ron the Horticulturalist," and so on. These magazines carefully cherry-picked factlets about Hubbard's life and strung them together in a narrative, adding in far-fetched connections and coincidences to show how he was a leader in this or that field and influenced all later thought. It was all the purest of invented spun-sugar PR. In fact, Danny's assistant at the time got into trouble for confessing, in one of those group confession sessions, that he had put lies in the Ron mags. He was shut up fast. Meanwhile Dan Sherman got increasingly involved in writing Miscavige's speeches, which is pretty much his full-time occupation these days. Miscavige likes his style - he can spin out virtually nothing into hours of high-sounding generalities and cliched platitudes. The biography? Never happened. And, in my opinion, never could happen. They can never tell the truth about Hubbard, so any "official" biography would have to be a string of lies and omissions about his military record, his supposed research, his marriages and so on - all easily fact-checked by anyone with a computer. Plus, most of the key players in early Scientology have become non-persons. So how would you write any sort of narrative without mentioning people like Otto Roos, Bill Robertson, David Mayo or, for that matter, Mary Sue Hubbard or Quentin Hubbard? Impossible. So there never will be an official biography. The solution - rehash all of those glossy puff-piece "Ron Mags" in hard covers and claim it's something new. And you can bet that the faithful will be pressured to "donate" for multiple sets."
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    Alas for the culties...there are far more out here in "Wogville" who will,
    with far greater enthusiam, celebrate El Ron's Deathday. So,
    here's a suggestion for the cult...put on a Ron's Departure Celebration...
    maybe at the Celebrity Center in LA...New Orleans type funeral,
    Dixieland Band, that sort of thing. And, for those hoping also for
    the timely demise of El Ron's bastard child...AKA "Scientology",
    perhaps DM can give a rousing speech outlining his past sucess
    in diamantling the cult, in strangling Ron's overgrown illegitimate
    offspring before it gets any bigger. DM can cite astounding stats,
    bodies driven from the "shop", dwindling attenance, idle morgues
    opened, ready and able to do their part in putting on a funeral
    El Ron would be proud of. Three Cheers for DM!

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