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Thread: Mexico exposing Scientology

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    Default Mexico exposing Scientology

    A six page article has just been published in Mexico in the countries biggest political magazine called the "Proceso"

    This was put together by rafagomezd who is a member of this board and is doing a truely fantastic job at exposing the abuses of Scientology in Mexico

    As Scientology in Mexico is trying to get recognized as a religion for the second time. The first time some years back the Mexican Government denied it.

    This article talks about the Sea Org its conditions, its history world wide and court cases against the church from France to Germany and findings from various countries warning against the dangers of Scientology. There are testimonials from people abused by the church and for someone new to scientology it is VERY informative.

    Being six pages long it is a big article to translate, but I think most of us here understand what is being covered in it.

    I do have a scanned version of all the pages which I have read.

    Rafael is doing an awesome job in Mexico.
    "If you don't run your own life, somebody else will"[/B]

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    Default Re: Mexico exposing Scientology

    Viva rafagomezd!

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    Default Re: Mexico exposing Scientology

    Thanks Illegal -- do you have a link to this article?

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    Default Re: Mexico exposing Scientology

    Quote Originally Posted by Petey C View Post
    Thanks Illegal -- do you have a link to this article?
    Here 'tis

    (I think... my Spanish is oh-so rusty!)

    PS: I'd like to add my congratulations for a job well done to Rafa, he is a force!
    Dave Gibbons - Sydney, Australia.
    I don't believe everything I read on the Internet.
    I do believe everything I write.

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    Default Re: Mexico exposing Scientology

    Exposed? Who wants to look at an encrusted, flagellating, enpustuled penis such as Scn? I keep hoping I've forgotten how to spell it let alone smell it.
    Crack cocaine and booze are gateway drugs to Scientology

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    Default Re: Mexico exposing Scientology

    Quote Originally Posted by Panda Termint View Post
    Here 'tis

    (I think... my Spanish is oh-so rusty!)

    PS: I'd like to add my congratulations for a job well done to Rafa, he is a force!
    Quick google translate!:

    Juan Pablo Proal
    19 de marzo de 2012 · 9 Comentarios
    Reportaje Especial

    It's called the Sea Organization and some of his victims is accused of trafficking, psychological abuse, fraud and exploitation. This group, based in Mexico City, is responsible for control in Latin America, the activities of Scientology or Dianetics, the religion founded in 1952 by writer Ron Hubbard and has spread to many countries where it has been investigated, punished and even forbidden ... However, Mexico is in the process of obtaining official registration as a religious entity.

    MEXICO CITY (Process). - The inhabitants of the house marked No. 29 of the Rhine River Street, Colonia Cuauhtemoc Mexico City, usually work an average of 12 hours from Monday to Sunday in exchange for about 150 pesos weekly. Some days even stop sleeping so long to fulfill his mission: "to clarify the world."

    In that house foreigners who are living in the country on tourist visas and Mexicans without contracts or benefits. They see their families one day every two or three months. Pregnant women are forbidden, if they do, the pressure to abort. If someone gets sick, drop out or throw.

    Internal rules are rigid and are made for anyone to think even the possibility of escape. Very few cross the gate. The group most severely punishes dissent.

    This is the Sea Organization, semi-secret group (very few people understand the rules or know who's going or how many members you have) that operated from here and throughout Latin America for the activities of the Church of Scientology (unofficial name given themselves ) or Dianetics.

    This follows discussions with Rafael Gomez and Victor Gutierrez, who himself escaped from the sect. They are not the only thing that ever has, but the first who dared to denounce the horrors that live there: human trafficking, psychological abuse and inhumane working hours.

    "Each of those working donate all his life. We speak of an organization that specializes in captive people have emotionally, spiritually and even physically, we live under a semi-military regime. I do not even have health insurance, getting sick pray, do not give them the minimum wage and yet sometimes work night and day, "reveals Rafael Gomez, who fled five years ago.

    Before joining the Sea Org employees sign a contract for a billion years, as this group proposes the thesis that its members reincarnate. The website (Scientology lies) are copies of these agreements almost eternal, as stated in the card signed by Lisa ESO Skonetski 00985.

    The food portions they give are very poor and the menu is almost invariably: Oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and pasta in small portions of chicken at dinner. Rafael estimated that about 90 people working for the Sea Organization and the third are foreigners who flout the law on tourist visas: before your permit expires, they send back to Guatemala and for the record that are traveling.

    It happened to Andrea Benitez, an Argentina that came without permission and that when he tried to return home he found that sect members had retained the passport to prevent her departure from Mexico.

    That's why Alex Spatz, a member of the Sea Organization was charged with trafficking by Colombian and sentenced to six years in prison, according to the Attorney General's Office in Bulletin 1772 of 25 August 2011 .

    An investigation by the Special Prosecutor for Crimes of Violence against Women and Trafficking Spatz showed that "belonged to a firm that contacted a Colombian woman in the city of Bogota and by deception was transferred to Mexico, where he was finally subjected to forced labor "refers to the statement.

    According to Rafael Gomez, Spatz was only following orders from their superiors. The Sea Organization is common for foreigners are recruited under false pretenses to bring them to Mexico, where Scientology controls its subsidiaries in the rest of Latin America.

    To understand what the Sea Org is to explain the origins of Scientology or Dianetics, sect founded in 1952 by science fiction writer L. Hubbard apparently because of a bet according to which, as narrated scientist Carl Sagan in his book Broca's Brain (1979): "I had to invent a religion and make a living with it."

    Scientology itself as an organization dedicated only to give personal enrichment courses. In its first application approaches offers free trials of personality in a second step proposes to potential affiliates courses linked to the faults found in the first tests. If such a person has problems with the studies, you are advised to attend the workshop "Learning to learn".

    In the early stages the courses are very cheap, but expensive as the person progresses in their process. There are dozens of courses, books and workshops. Those attending the talks believe that life begins to improve, so they continue the course with enthusiasm until they are called to work as part of a team of Scientology, which involves giving much of his life to the cause. Most constants are invited to join the Sea Organization, the semi-secret group that controls the operation of the sect.

    As stakeholders are part of most courses are trained in the belief of Scientology: the existence of evil extraterrestrials who took over the universe, that "pollute" to humans and prevent them from being perfect. The mission of a Scientologist is "clarify" the world "cleanse" the humanity of alien influence and lead to perfection and immortality. If a relative or friend of some of the Scientologists question their beliefs, press the individual organization to cut all contact with them. Euphemistically call "disengagement."

    Global notoriety

    In October 2009, Dianetics was fined in France with 600,000 euros for the crime of fraud. In Russia, the Religious Council District Khanty-Mansi Autonomous banned Ron Hubbard materials considering them extremists. In 1996 the German government called this sect as "very dangerous and authoritarian tendencies." He has also had legal problems in Greece and England.

    Time magazine, the BBC, The New Yorker and dozens of media have published reports and documentaries on fraud, forced labor, slavery and abuses committed by the sect. But its adherents rarely hear because they are threatened with excommunication (call them "suppressive") and lose eternal salvation if reading material contrary to the creed dianetic.

    Even in countries with higher purchasing power and regulation in matters of religion have lost favor in the underdeveloped nations Scientology expands its networks rapidly. In the case of Mexico, last December for the second time asked to be recognized as a religion.

    Half a century in Mexico

    Dianetics arrived in Mexico in the sixties. Luis Gonzalez, director of Community Programs Support of the sect, which has reported 5 000 300 followers, according to the newspaper Reforma published on 27 February, following the second application of Dianetics to the Interior Ministry.

    To get more followers of Dianetics uses many fronts. Through civil organizations allegedly paste posters, create web pages and send mass mailings in which offers to solve all sorts of problems, from business to addiction.

    Its main fronts: Understand More Achieve More, WISE, Narconon, Latin American Foundation The Way to Happiness and Effective Solutions Business.

    Thanks to this strategy have been teaching in the National Lottery, the Federal Aviation Administration Federal District Educational Services and even in schools in 15 cities in the country, including public elementary (Proceso 1822). TV Azteca also managed to include the video The road to happiness in their programs (authorization issued by the Department of Government S-08-00137).

    They are insatiable demand when donations. Victor Gutierrez was forced to leave the Sea Org for impregnating his wife. Before you leave and follow suggested giving his life to the association. Then it was "public" (the equivalent of a layman in the Catholic Church) but left in 2009 because he repeatedly telephoned in the early morning to demand that he comply with the payment of their donations.

    He had to borrow two credit cards for about 20 thousand dollars each in order to satisfy the requirements of Scientology, told in an interview process. Tired of being ripped off began to seek information on the Internet about worship, until he was convinced of the danger.

    Thanks to this strategy of pressing for donations, Scientology built his monumental and imposing new temple in Balderas Street in Mexico City. It covers almost an entire street. Furthermore, the organization purchased land in Interlomas, where stands his most ambitious project: Advanced Headquarters of Mexico, one of its facades.

    There are also four other associations in the Federal District: the Technological Institute of Dianetics, Dianetics Development Organization, Latin American Cultural Center and the Cultural Center of Dianetics.

    There are also representations and groups in Leon, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Puebla.

    Globally Scientology adds to its ranks entertainers to promote themselves. They belong to the sect Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Katie Holmes and Anne Archer. In Mexico, the actor Juan Ferrara performs this function.

    One strategy of this sect is also strengthening ties with public officials. At the opening of its building in Balderas came former Secretary of Tourism of Mexico City, Alejandro Rojas, who publicly praised the organization. In Puebla, the Secretary of Education, Luis Maldonado, authorized the dissemination in the public schools of Ron Hubbard brochures distributed under the letterhead of the association understands More Achieve More

    When questioned, Maldonado argued that Servitje Marinela, Bimbo's owner's daughter, had promoted the material. Servitje distanced himself from the organization.

    Process called the Church of Scientology to ask for his release on the abuses of which he is accused. Jonathan Rico, Scientology spokesman for Latin America, sent an email to this reporter with a copy to a law firm. The message demanded a copy of the report before publication, accusing the weekly of defaming the Church of Scientology, not without suggesting a threat:

    "I wish to also know that while I am in the best position to maintain a friendly institutional relationship with you and Proceso magazine, we are also willing to defend and protect our Church, our religion and the dignity of our people against falsehood, discrimination, religious hatred and slander. "

    Rico asked as a condition for an interview prior to hand over a questionnaire. The questions were sent by email and also asked to allow this weekly tour the facilities of the Sea Organization, get work visas for foreign employees and documents in the record how much they pay. The first meeting agreed upon between the reporter and Rico could not be carried out due to scheduling problems of both. The spokesman for the organization promised to communicate later to make another appointment. He did not.

    However during the interviews that the reporter had with the former members of the sect, there were people taking pictures and quickly fled the place where they held talks. At the conclusion of a talk at the Sanborn coffee center of Coyoacan, one respondent realized that we had photographed a man and immediately fled.

    Further, a person who initially agreed to give his testimony, later retracted because Scientology threatened to disseminate aspects of his private life among his family. His version was relevant because it documented a case of extortion millions to help build one of the buildings.

    The BBC ran a story about how Scientology hired private investigators to expose aspects of the intimate life of journalists who dare to reveal the abuses they commit. A source confided that the organization had done the same with this reporter in an effort to discredit the content of this article.

    These tactics are what make the former members of the organization rarely dare to report abuses they suffered.

    Economic power

    From Barcelona, ​​the therapist Michael Pearl, a member of the College of Psychologists of Catalonia and a specialist in cases of people affected by the abuses of cults, said the pressure tactics of Scientology:

    "When people leave Scientology are very upset, afraid to talk, tell them in which psychiatrists and psychologists will harm them. Suffer from depression and anxiety very upset, nightmares, phobias develop important paintings. They experience a sense of disconnection from the world, fear linked to new relationships. There is a break with previous relationships.

    "They have very powerful law firms and strategies more or less open to intimidation. Threaten to disseminate confidential information allegedly given the person in therapy sessions. "

    By these techniques are unknown understand why Scientology abuses in Mexico, says Pearl. The sect operates in a way, says the specialist, that make its members believe that the world is their enemy, plus they manage to upset the personality of its members.

    - What's in it?

    -Sale winning the dome, which is in the U.S.. Everything is a funnel that will stop there. They look that everybody is a Scientologist and feed more and more people. The more fans, more money.

    Victor Gutierrez managed the finances of Scientology in the nineties. At the time of the parishioners recababa about 150 thousand dollars a week. Almost all the money was sent to U.S. and local organizations working in the red. The controls generally highest in Mexico live a day, convinced of their project, hopes Rafael Gomez.

    Bernardo Barranco, a researcher at El Colegio de Mexico and director of the Religious Studies Center of Mexico, this weekly warns that Scientology not only make this kind of abuse with their followers. Notes that the sextons and assistants of many Catholic churches generally are bankrupt and without schedules or work performance.

    Regarding the disconnection with the rest of the world, remember that within the Catholic Church practiced by the Legionaries of Christ with his religious candidates.

    "The more sectarian and smaller the sect, there is more abuse. Scientology in this regard is no exception, and is part of a trend of many other religious organizations. "

    On December 12, Scientology delivered eight kilos of documents to the Interior Ministry for registration. In 1999 the request was denied, apparently because they did not meet all the requirements, but believes that this time Barranco will be different because the organization was careful to meet all requirements, plus it was lobbying the federal government.

    - Mexico is in danger? -Is asked Pearl.

    -Scientology, but says it has thousands of followers really do not have and is very discredited worldwide. But humanity itself: there is family breakdown, alienation from ancient religions, psychological vulnerability and other imbalances equally important.

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    Default Re: Mexico exposing Scientology

    Thanks for that translation.
    That is just over one of the pages that was published. The other pages I have on a download not sure if google translations will work will play around and see if I can get them up here.
    "If you don't run your own life, somebody else will"[/B]

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    Default Re: Mexico exposing Scientology

    Thank you very much all for your words, this was a full 3 months job, is not me all the credit the reporter Juan Pablo Proal M. is a news reporter who likes the truth about the things he usually mention. We got at least eight full testimonies of x-scn telling with their own name what they went thru inside Scn Chrch.
    I really hope exposing all this with full names will bring more people out to speak out, Latinamerica is a expansion playgrownd for Scn where really good people is being used just because they believed once they could do something about improving Earth's condition.
    Besides a very stupid campaign OSA is trying to push on me as even being paid by the pharmaceutical companies and claims I am the leader of Anonymous (lol? I could even invent some more creative stuff...).
    OSA tried to push that on BBC WorldWide so my name was on every single news two weeks ago, now I am handling the black PR campaign and with this kind of magazines that will be established for good.

    Thank you all for the gz's about this, for sure I really want everybody to understand on Mexico and Southamerica what is the real deal with this church and offering a space for every single person who is willing to speak out is a way to preserve on written the memory about the handlings of this especific "church".

    Cya later and thanks : )

    Rafael Gómez. /
    Uncovering the dirty stuff behind Scientology Church: The Sea Organization Administration. "They know how to threat peaople", we know how to make them inmune to those threats.

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    Default Re: Mexico exposing Scientology

    Here is what the print version looks like:

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    Default Re: Mexico exposing Scientology

    Awesome stuff Mexico! And yay Rafa and company, y'all rock!
    It is very pleasing to see the awareness level rising in latin-american countries and that there are very brave reporters willing to tackle such a large subject at, I am sure, a good deal of personal risk. Hopefully more gov'ts take heed of the warnings as well and support those exposing this vile and corrupt cult (as well as others in general).

    'Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones. I am not afraid.'
    Marcus Aurelius

    THE BIG LIST of EX'S who have Spoken Out fx'd

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