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Thread: Sunday Tasmanian - "Long arm of church recruiters"

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    Default Re: Sunday Tasmanian - "Long arm of church recruiters"

    Hmmmmmm....Pete, you have a creative yet twisted mind. I like that.

    I think the upstairs "confessional" rooms could be called the "Babalon Working" rooms, as an homage to the great work that LRH and JP did with the lovely scarlet woman, Ms. Northrup. Just a thought.

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    Default Re: Sunday Tasmanian - "Long arm of church recruiters"

    I think that the core of this story is MUCH more sinister than we all realize.

    It is essentially a reminder from the "Church" of Scientology to its "parishioners" (be they past or present members) that:

    "We keep records of everything that you have ever said to us, so be careful of criticisms".

    It is just letting everyone know that if the "Church" has records of such a minor transaction, you can bet they have your PreClear folders nicely locked away - and ready to be used should you ever become a critic.


    Edit: See this thread for confirmation that culling PC folders is a Scientology practice.
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