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Thread: DISSEMINATE:YOU Have TO WATCH ON YOU TUBE: De-evolution of a dedicated Scientologist

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    Default Re: DISSEMINATE:YOU Have TO WATCH ON YOU TUBE: De-evolution of a dedicated Scientolo

    Quote Originally Posted by Panda Termint View Post
    My point, primarily, is that context is very important in these instances.
    Exactly. The video says (unless I misunderstood the point) that Hubbard died leaving an estate worth $6 billion. Huh?

    I spy an agenda. Although dissing the CofS isn't exactly off the wall.

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    Default Re: DISSEMINATE:YOU Have TO WATCH ON YOU TUBE: De-evolution of a dedicated Scientolo

    This is a follow-up to "My Buddy Alan, The Scientologist". This follow up video presents Alan's state of mind, then and now. I debated whether or not to air the newer footage, and eventually decided I probably should.

    Alan and I are no longer friends. Towards the end of the summer in 2011, Alan had become increasingly suspicious, judgmental and physically violent. Our business deals began to sour as he also became increasingly secretive about money, bills and operating costs when it came to our gold mining and scrap iron ventures.

    In a drunken rage, Alan spontaneously attacked me, throwing me to a concrete floor. I was in the hospital for four days with a skull fracture. A week later, he dismissed the whole situation as trivial and unceremoniously evicted me off the compound, stating "you irritate me".

    So much for fifteen years of friendship.

    I don't know where Alan is now, and I don't care. The true nature of Scientology had finally manifested in Alan's conduct: That all people are merely opportunities to be manipulated, then discarded or destroyed.

    As per certain inquiries, it is true that Alan was not mentally stable BEFORE he joined the Co$. This video glaringly illustrates that "the tech", which claims to address all human ailments, mental and physical, is an absolute failure and a lie. If anything, I'm of the opinion that "the tech" (which Alan has rigorously studied for more than 20 years) has made him worse. Not better.
    I agree context is very important in all these matters.

    But I think this is all to common in Scientologists whom have been devoted to the tech.I'm not saying all scientologists fall into this category but a great many have and I wonder about that.

    My Father was a non violent man, I had never seen him lift a finger to anyone, ever. But after several years of devotion to scientology tech, L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, my Dad was declared SP. What he should have been declared was mentally unstable, because he was.

    What I only found about about over a year ago was how he violently attacked someone shortly before he came to stay with me in 1976, the fact that he was a mental wreck in 1976 was very evident to me. At the time I had not considered he might also be violent as it was a trait I had never encountered before in him.

    At the time I might add, he was suspicious, paranoid and as he put it "they were out to get him", they, being the scientologists.

    Playing at making GODS with electronic boxes with electrodes, alters the state of mind, along with the doctrines and in turn turns people into physical and mental wrecks.Judging by all the people I have read about who have had these"psychotic breaks", I think it happens to most scientologists at some time or another, the more deeply entrenched they are.

    You only have to look at all the suicides.
    "he also introduced all of us and indeed he thrust us into his practises of cruelty, inhumanity, abuse and punishment, all of which he systematically reframed as positive and as requirements for enlightenment." - Hana Eltringham/Whifield speaking in Hamburg on the 28th of March 2010.


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