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Thread: What I was promised by the Co$ verses What I got:

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    Angry What I was promised by the Co$ verses What I got:

    I was promised spiritual freedom - the State of Clear
    What I got: Confusion- "I mocked up my reactive mind"
    That is the state of CLEAR?

    I was promised the "most ethical organization on the planet"
    What I got: The most CRIMINAL organization on the planet - a CULT! Bankruptcy, death of friends, suicides, broken hearts and broken lives!

    I was promised a better way of life, exchange in abundance, improve conditions!
    What I got: No friends, no support, no path, waste of time, waste of money, exchange where the Co$ got all the money and I got justification after justification! "Broken pieces and Ideal Orgs are the current justifications running rampant in the Church of Scientology!

    Oatee is cause over matter, energy, space and time.

    Wait a minute....I already was long before Scientology. I got in to IMPROVE my conditions...not annihilate them!

    XENU is a galactical lord that threw beings into a volcano after freezing them then blew them up with an H-Bomb??? The spirits of these beings are attached to us and that is the CAUSE of all our problems??

    What I got: somatics, cancer, death, broke, bankrupt, confusion, inhibited communication skills and deep apathy about living life on this planet. Wow...all for $500,000 and the smashing of all of my dynamics. Oh well, it is all my fault. Now, that is cause!!

    That was my experience of being a Scientologist doing Scientology. Either it happened to me or I actually witnessed it happening to others!

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    Default Re: What I was promised by the Co$ verses What I got:

    Wow, as a non-scientologist I am speechless. So sorry to hear all that. From what I am learning, and partly assuming, no scientologist currently in the church is experiencing any form of spiritual advancement. Apparently the advancement happens after leaving the church. Love your use of info-graphics, aka smileys.

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