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Thread: I'm done

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    Default Re: I'm done

    oh and I just had to say

    "So long, and thanks for all the fish"

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    Default Re: I'm done

    Quote Originally Posted by Emma View Post
    I know I've said it before and I probably won't be taken seriously, but I'm done with this.

    I'm done with ESMB

    I'm done with having Scientology play any part in my life.

    I'm done with everything to do with this game.

    ESMB is paid for until October 2012 at which time it will cease to exist. If you are an historian please take what you want from the archives before October. I'm prepared to give a copy of the database to a handful of people who can do what they want with it. Those people are Mick Wenlock, Paul Adams, Ray Hill & Ethercat. Those people might be able to salvage something.

    I suggest registering at "Reach for The Tipping Point" message board if you want a new board. It is very well run & I have the highest regards for Ethercat. Also I think OCMB is accepting new registrations currently. Glibby, Sponge & RIF do a great job over there and it deserves support too.

    I'm sorry if this announcement upsets anyone, but I simply can't do this anymore. I started out trying to do something good and it's ended up that I have made enemies everywhere. I don't want to read anymore crap about how I'm a sellout, a liar, an OSA operative, a bitch etc. I'm over it. I need to live my own life now, free of Scientology & the effects it has on people while in and also after they leave.

    I only have one piece of advice left for anyone considering leaving Scientology. Read about Hubbard & find out who he really was. Read stories from OT8s who made it to the top of the Bridge & found out there was nothing there. Educate yourself as much as you can and as quickly as you can and once you've come to an understanding of what happened to you - RUN LIKE FUCK. Get away from ANYTHING & EVERYTHING to do with Scientology including groups formed by exes.

    Go back to school. Travel. Play soccer. Join Rotary. Meditate. Raise kids. Volunteer for the Red Cross. Do ANYTHING except hang around. Scientology took too much of your life already. Don't give it one more second than necessary to recover.

    Over & out.
    Fair enough.

    Just to make my own position clear, I have no intention of running a message board, although I would like to see the posts here preserved in some form and made available for viewing by anyone. I am not interested in people's private information, log-in details, IP addresses etc, or personal messages to each other, and hope that those particulars can all be stripped out before I get "my" copy of the database.

    How big is the DB, by the way, Ems?

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    Default Re: I'm done

    Emma, I think you did a fantastic job with ESMB. Both you and Tansy have my admiration. I regard you both as very good friends.

    Now what will it take to keep all these posts and data available for research purposes on Internet?

    I am Shiva, the destroyer of illusion...
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    Default Re: I'm done


    You get nothing but big hugs and props from me.

    As you know, you're one of my heroes. I was telling my husband that just last night.

    You also deserve the life you deserve, so I completely support your decision.

    Hubby and I may be in Melbourne in 2013, and we would love to see you there.

    Finally, in honor of your beautiful avatar ...



    P.S. One more thing ... maybe we could all have a prom before graduation?

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    Default Re: I'm done

    Quote Originally Posted by muldrake View Post
    You owe nothing to anyone, if you're done you're done, and good job.

    Have an excellent the rest of your life without a stupid cult in it.
    I completely agree with Muldrake. He's smarter than I so he can say it in fewer words than I. But here are my words:

    Emma you are an amazing inspiration to me!! You did it girl!! You owe nothing to anyone.

    You made a huge difference and you have helped countless people. I am sure someone will pick up from where you left off but, whether or not they do, don't look back. You deserve a future of just being you, a beautiful person who can live life on her own terms and enjoy herself without having to justify her actions to anyone.

    I have only one request from you. When you do get up here to the land of the free I want to finally meet you at Pooks' place and give you a HUGE hug. Then party time!!!

    From a poem I wrote to my daughter: "Keep the true strength known as 'kindness'. Have the vision to see good in all. Nurture those who you do truly love. And never think that you are small. All these things combined in love are your pathway back to Fae".

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    Default Re: I'm done

    You have done so much and helped so many people Emma. You deserve a break.

    You might have some enemies, but you have a LOT more friends! You made a difference in many peoples lives. Thank you for all you have done.
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    "There is nothing as wild in the books of Man as will probably happen here on will happen and be allowed to happen simply because all this is so incredible that nobody will even think of stopping it until it is far, far too late"~LRH in "A History of Man"

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    Default Re: I'm done

    Goodbye, Emma. And thanks.

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    Smile Re: I'm done

    ...first there was the internet with usenet A.R.S. etc.., and Michelles EXSCN really started the fragmentation of the critics forums. It showed us that there are many different opinions out there. This is/was a good thing. It became easier and easier to be a critic and with the start of Anonymous it came full out, even the press hardly writes anything positive about $cycopatology anymore. And nowadays new social media, press, boards, blogs etc have shown the rest of the world how this property scam works, with hardly any members in it. $CIENTOLOGY IS A JOKE !!!! BUTTCHURCH!!!

    Thank you Emma. It's been an honor to be a member here.
    Now YOU go life...

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    Default Re: I'm done

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done, especially via ESMB!

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    Default Re: I'm done

    Yup. I agree. The TA is now in creating futures, not dealing with upsets of the past.

    This board has played a vital role in allowing people to de-compress, exchange viewpoints, and relay data. I also hope that some of the true gems of enlightenment that are buried in the annals of ESMB are preserved and allowed to be known by anyone who may have an interest.

    I will miss you Ems, but will rest in the comfort that you are having a life you want to have.
    And thank you for all the good that has been shared here.

    "Deception is the ethics of war." - John Singleton Mosby

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