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Thread: I'm done

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    Default Re: I'm done

    Thank you Emma for everything you did. I can understand wanting to get your life back and doing things that have nothing to do with the C of $. You have through your efforts helped thousands of people get free from the cult and have done more than your share.

    I wish you and your family a prosperous and healthy life.

    Dean Blair

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    Default Re: I'm done

    I do so hope someone takes over ESMB for Emma or does another version of same, because, it wouldn't be right for that ultimate fail day for the Cof$ ... the big party day when Occupied Clamwater becomes Liberated Clearwater ... to not have ESMB or another system like it presiding over the huge celebration day. It will be a huge party like no other, and, I will need someway of being notified so I can scoot down to the airport, be groped by those blue gloved assholes, and fly to Tampa, rent a car, and join the party in Libertated Clearwater.


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    Default Re: I'm done

    Thanx, Emms

    You've provided a means here for me not only to heal but help others do the same - and that's priceless.

    Cult is long dead and is just struggling along eating what's left of its own dead flesh right now, so why not go live your own life?

    And as for the lowlife who've continued to make your life unpleasant....

    I suggest that if anyone wants it so bad, they start an "ESMB Mk II" themselves and "we" all go there, otherwise Tipping Point, OCMB or even Divided by Zero are viable alternatives.

    Enjoy your life and I'll see you next time we come to Melbourne.

    Oh, and FUCK OSA!!!!!

    You might get some "stats" from this but have a look at what's left of your pathetic dwindling organization and compare it to what was there when ESMB started out.

    You'd have to do what Emma's doing, wouldn't you?
    Paul David Schofield
    "Scooter" to his friends

    If he has no friends and everyone's against him
    If he's failed in everything that he has tried
    Try to lift his load, help to bear his burden
    Let him know that you are walking by his side
    And if he feels that all is lost and he is fallen
    Try to place that poor man's feet on solid ground
    Just remember he's some mother's precious darlin'
    Always lift him up and never knock him down

    Blind Alfred Reed


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    Default Re: I'm done

    Thanks for everything you've done Emma.
    I totally understand how you feel.
    Hopefully there will be a new board that will be run by someone who needs the experience and will be peopled by those who need the assistance, which is really invaluable.
    But I really get the need to move on.
    I should move on too and probably won't; the "Ex" forums still provide me info and some entertainment for about 20 minutes each day.
    I guess I'd miss that.
    The best to you.

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    Default Re: I'm done

    Dear Emma

    I only recently joined the board and I had been out of scientology for 35 years. I had lived my life and never really thought about Scn and the SO, then bored one night I happened across it, and found some very old Dear friend looking for me.
    I have now contacted 3 old friends who have become very close and meaningful.
    It has been wonderful!
    You gave me this gift and it is priceless.
    I can only imagine the work this board is to manage, and how many painful attacks you have had to endure throughout, but what an achievement anf how brave were you!
    Many thousands of people have gained inspiration from what you created (and your wise and wonderful comments on threads!)
    I have always been very impressed by the compassion and caring of almost all of the contributors, and how welcoming they have been to new people and anyone having a hard time - you have created a sanctuary, and a life line. It has been that important, and YOU made it.
    You have also allowed people still in to find help , and those out and struggling to find hope and support.
    You are a rare and unique beign - you bravely did this, on your own and carried it on despite all the bullets and shrapnel you received, how big a hero are you!
    I fully understand that you may be tired and want to move on, but as many have said, if you made enemies - you have also made far more friends and true and reliable ones...You have created the helpful and supportive culture that exists here - so please do feel you can reconsider....get help if required (assistance and deputies) - share the burden - but stay there if you can - you have given so much and I know that everything you have was natural and because of the truly awesome being you are - take a vacation, get help - think what you could manage but please stay involved...
    This is my plea....I would absolutely honour your decision but it is a heartfelt plea....
    My love and respect - to an awesome and incredible being....
    Nolite te bastardos carbunundorum....(my latin is rusty - sorry to any purists if it is incorrectly spelt)
    Translation: Don't let the bastards grind you down...
    A normal transition in business would be for you to become the boards "president"..or dare we say COB...with a few managers you could yell at etc.....(open a board RPF or whatever)
    (if you need a break in Wales - you are always welcome!)
    with my love and total respect....XXXXXXXXXX

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    Default Re: I'm done

    Emma -

    Thank you for what you built here. You and the board will be missed. Sorry it was not easier, and I'm very sorry to see you leave this.

    Thank you, Emma.
    Please call me by my true names
    so I can hear all my cries and laughs at once...
    Thich Nhat Hanh

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    Default Re: I'm done

    Wow, Ems, this is a shock -- but not surprising, paradoxically. You've done an amazing thing by standing up and getting this Board started, and you've made a real difference in the lives of thousands of people. I'll miss ESMB for sure. But I can't quarrel with your decision and know you've made the right choice.

    As the old hippy song goes,

    May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you,
    And the pure light within you guide your way on.


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    Default Re: I'm done

    Quote Originally Posted by Dulloldfart View Post
    Well, we've probably turned Emma into a sobbing blue blob by now with all this heartfelt emotion. And it all comes across as very sincere too, not a false note there.

    Only six months of this to go, Ems.

    Are there any offers from anyone willing to keep the board going? I imagine Emma will provide some kind of hat write-up (), and I don't think the money is going to be a problem at all.

    A related project would be the maintaining of an expanded version of the ESMB Home Page, which would contain, amongst other things, the "best of ESMB."

    And if Emma wants to say - and I think, most of us have only guesses as to who these few are - just who in the heck is causing the flak. Saying who might be helpful to you, Emma - unless you feel it would be inappropriate to do so. Anyway, there's plenty of time to contemplate that.

    There was an idea, way back when, that the old (entirely "critical") newsgroup, A.R.S. could be joined with the (mostly "squirrel") "tech" oriented A.C.T., and this combination of seemingly irreconcilable opposites would allow for a place where a complete description of Scientology would be possible. That would mean that the "good" of Scientology (mainly used as deceptive lead-in disguise) could be described and discussed, as well as that which is lurking behind the "good."

    This would allow for a complete description of the multi-layered goodness-disguised mind-trap of Scientology, and that's something Scientology most definitely does not want.

    ESMB finally made that possible.
    Visit the Ex Scientologist Message Board web site for selected content from ESMB and more:

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    Default Re: I'm done

    Quote Originally Posted by Emma View Post
    I know I've said it before and I probably won't be taken seriously, but I'm done with this.

    I'm done with ESMB

    I'm done with having Scientology play any part in my life.

    I'm done with everything to do with this game. ...

    Emma, that is a wise decision. You are completely correct to feel that there is far more to occupy you in life than the upsets of scientologists & former scientologists, and that accordingly there is no reason for you to submit to a role of public target simply as a result of your own efforts to assist others. For my part I deeply regret all that you've been put through by dint of irresponsible & irrelevant hostilities.

    I hope you are able to take some consolation in that what you have done has been tremendously helpful for many and a great influence on the scientology community.

    Thank You very much for all that you have done and the leadership you have provided. You are a Great Lady.

    Best Wishes to You & Yours.

    Mark A. Baker
    "Hubbard is alive and well. He lives through his
    - Purple Rain

    "Because nothing has the be true forever. Just for long enough, to tell you the truth."

    - T. Pratchett, The Truth

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    Default Re: I'm done

    Thank you, Emma. I've spent half a decade trying to pretend that Scientology never happened to me. The last two months since I joined the forum have been therapeutic as hell.

    You guys are the loveliest bunch of SPs and PTSs and DBs that I ever met. I'll probably see y'all over on OCMB at some point.

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