Do you ever read what people write about Scientology? Someone recently sent me that New Yorker story about Paul Haggis from last year.
I met Paul twice. He was never nice to me. Iíd heard about the story from other people, but I was never impressed with his vibe in the first place. So whether he used to study Scientology and has now decided not to, itís like, ďWho cares?Ē Plenty of people are raised Catholic and then arenít Catholic anymore, like any religion.

People are interested, I guess.
Itís weird. I guess people want us to entertain and not give our opinion, but we canít stop ourselves because we do interviews where people ask for our opinions. I generally will answer any question about anything. Iím not like, ďDonít ask about my penis!Ē In terms of Paul, I donít know him, I didnít like meeting him the times I met him, then I heard he shit all over something I know is fucking awesome. How can you get mad at somebody for wanting to study something they enjoy?