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Thread: FCDC circa 1970

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commander Birdsong View Post
    are there any CoS hotties any more?

    back in the day the thing made the inner beauty of young females glow straight out from 'em...

    jill, penny, pandy...

    there were a dozen RAGING!!! beauties and all of 'em were cute and lively...
    Well yeah you got that right. Seems Blubbard pulled the hottest chicks in. I well remember the hotties at FCDC, and always felt I could never partake of that because, well just because. But I am 62 now. That means something to me at least. So hot chicks of youth seem such air heads. Give me Foti, TG1, Good Twin, Kathy(ImOut), IPT,smartone, and the rest any day. In an exercise video.
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