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    Quote Originally Posted by Dulloldfart View Post
    Anyone know what happened to this site? When I try to open I just get a blank page. It's been like that for a few days at least.

    Last time I saw it alive it had 400+ reviews per the stats on its front page, and had had for weeks. Moribund, in other words. Plus I was still the "#1 reviewer" (i.e. the most reviews), which fact probably didn't sit well with many. Heh.

    Here's an update after two years:

    The site's still up (at At this writing there are now 495 reviews. I am still the #1 Reviewer (read all my reviews at ).

    I can't say I'm impressed with Scientologists' ability to promote the subject in this avenue — as shown by the small number of reviews, although I am still impressed with Steve Hall's sticking to his original promise of publishing any user review he considers sincere. I was honest in my reviews, and made no bones about not being a Scientologist any longer.

    EDIT: I see Terril wrote one review: (click on L11 link there to see whole review, which is far longer than the one line shown)

    I don't see any from Leon . . . .

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