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Thread: Some Suggested Videos to Help Somoene "in" Wake UP

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    Default Re: Some Suggested Videos to Help Somoene "in" Wake UP

    Quote Originally Posted by Type4_PTS View Post

    I like the one with Debbie and Greg Hughes as well, but can't find it this moment to link to, but believe that's helped many also.
    Quote Originally Posted by programmer_guy View Post
    Anyway, whatever happened to Greg & Debra Barnes?
    Those are the ones who I mean't to say. They created a great video!

    I believe that Greg stopped by briefly on ESMB a year or so back and posted a bit.

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    Default Re: Some Suggested Videos to Help Somoene "in" Wake UP

    Also, one of Tory's original LMT debriefing videos (2000) that was posted on xenuTV is used on the BIGLIST Help Leaving page:
    update: whoops. google video is no longer. still veiwable @ biglist
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    Default Re: Some Suggested Videos to Help Somoene "in" Wake UP

    Quote Originally Posted by Magoo View Post
    This is mostly to people who are trying to help someone "in" wake up.
    Which videos should they show them?
    There are TONS of great videos on the Net now.
    I've put together just a few of the ones I've gotten good response from.

    Here's one of the most famous Scientology Celebreties who left, Jason Beghe:
    For people w/ tender ears...Be warned, he does swear a lot. For me, it is one of THE best descriptions
    of Scientology and why someone would leave.

    Here he is speaking in Germany:
    There are many people who spoke here. This is Marc Headley who is excellent
    also, especially speaking about what occurs at the TOP of Scientology.

    The other parts are on the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Marc Wrote the book: BlownForGood (which I HIGHLY recommend) and he and his wife, Claire, (she used to be part of RTC...the top/top dogs) are
    now extremely successful, and have 2 delightful children.

    This is Hanna Eltringham who was L Ron Hubbard's right hand person on his ship,
    and Captain of one of the ships. This is Part 1 and the others are over on the right>>>>>>!

    Next is Nightline: (Note: this is VERY heavy---so possibly would be one to show a bit later.
    Scientology has worked hard to "Black PR" (Spread lies) about both Marty and Mike, due to
    how high up they both were within Scientology. The person "in" would have to be willing to watch and
    give their views on this. It's excellent info. Tommy Davis (Scientology's PR in this) is now
    also out of Scientology, also.

    This is Astra Woodcraft (written):
    Here is Part 1 of her videos. More are on the right. She's about 35 now...but this was
    12 years ago.
    (The person interviewing her is Stacy Brooks who used to be an Executive in Scientology, also)

    Part 2:
    Astra Explaining no sex when in Sea Org so all get married very early:

    Leaving the Sea Org:
    More of her story:
    This has also Astra's sister who left the Sea Org and is now a Graduate from Berkley.
    Astra spent 5 years working for her Dad. She found out here in California, IF you've worked
    for a professional for 5 years,and IF you can pass the test, you have the degree.
    So Astra is now an Architect! My congratulations to Lawrence, Astra and Zoe

    This is David Miscavige (the leader of Scientology)'s Niece telling why she left Scientology:

    Someone "in" would have to be willing to look through the "news" angles and hear what Jenna has to say.
    She is happily married and has one (or maybe two?) children.

    Here I am, two weeks out. This SHOWS how weird Scientology is:

    Mark Bunker has interviewed many, many people so also check out

    I hope these help.

    Happy Thanksgiving to ALL


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