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Thread: Scientology has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

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    Default Scientology has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

    In Jan 2010 when the Volunteer Ministers descended on Haiti...
    they quietly set up an Orphanages on a piece of land donated by a Haitian Scientologist Claude Reginald Jean (Claude's Been involved with Scientology since 1987)..

    the Scientology Ministers with the help of Claude Reginald Jean and His employees went looking for stray children...

    Scientology turned the operation over the the Schneider Sisters with the assistance of the Volunteer Ministers .... Barb Santos Schneider,Michela Schneider, Elena Chiancianesi and Doria Kintzel

    with multiple Scientologist hatted for fundraising the main ones Sarah Ehrlich's Help for Orphans,Bless the Children and Cassandra Hepburn..and others .. they nailed/tricked several other NGO out of some cash as well....

    it was named the "Future of Haiti" Orphanage ..

    Claude Reginald Jean ran the "Haitian Dianetics Center" from his house near Port-a-Prince prior to the earthquake... and Was part of the "Global Pioneers" Mission in Haiti run by Cary Goulston,Mike Campbell and Brad Kugler
    part of that mission some of you may recall involved Kenaf seeds...

    the Schneider Sisters moved the Orphans into that house and former Haitian Dianetics Center around 3 months after the earthquake (Claude Jean Handed that over too)

    Claude took back control of the Orphans in June 2011 and renamed it after his GRODYSH operation...and Is currently running the front group. Group Dynamic for the Survival of Humanity- Haiti
    PHP Code: 
    also a School called Institute for Humanitarian Theta the same address

    lots of good stuff here on the subject.

    The Second Orphanage!
    its called LIMBE a rural area outside Cape Haitien

    its run by a Haitian Scientologist named Pierre Brice Erasmin
    he was also part of the Global Pioneer Crew... 2008-2009
    and the LIMBE Academy was previously the Cap Haitian Dianetics center...

    Scientologist Susi Tschupp does the fundraising out of Clearwater for Orphanage #2
    PHP Code: 
    some of Pierre & Susi's activity in Cap Haitien

    a second French language web page was created for the purpose of covert fundraising
    Enfants d' Haiti
    PHP Code: 
    that site was set up by Scientologist Jean Sylvestre Thepenier

    they built a Schoolhouse.. the even got a clueless wog to fork over a load of cash to build the center... 2012 ..( you should see the shack they used previously)

    the Earthquake produced 2 Orphanages... not just one... they dumped their Dianetics Centers and jumped headlong into the Restavek Business... with the financial help of Scientology Volunteer Ministers Mission in Haiti...

    all kinds of OMG! GTFO shady stuff.. I've dug up... here


    a Scientologist named Bill Loftus self proclaimed Kenaf King ....also plays into this scenario

    His little Kenaf Orphanage Plan is crawling with Scientologists....
    Haiti was #1 on its hit list... and Cary Goulston-Global Pioneers and Claude Reginald Jean's activities play out prominently whey you dig into it...

    a Scientologist named Jean Paul Sanfacon is the head of the Loftus Kenaf Operation in Haiti
    Claude Reginald Jean also plays a prominent role...

    55 pages "Together we can"

    Jean Paul Sanfacon Is also the man in charge of the Volunteer Ministers Mission & the Head of Operations in Petitionvillle Haiti (a slight conflict of interest)

    according to the Loftus Dox hes in charge of setting up the crude stove-works /sweatshops..and kenaf plantations
    and directing this profiteering scam in Haiti.

    all of the other NGO's in the Loftus Dox have a relationship to Cary Goulston and Global Pioneers in some way.

    with the ultimate goal of setting up and building an "Ideal Village"also outlined in the Loftus Dox... laughing all the way to the bank in Panama.

    pretty much everybody and their brother Is in on this scam...
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    Default Re: Scientology has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

    Scientology wants to duplicate this program in around 20 impoverished 3rd world
    Haiti Is their pilot program... #1 on the hit parade....and Is defiantly being implemented

    besides Jean Paul Sanfacon current Head of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Mission in Haiti ...
    there are several other connected to Scientology in this blatant profiteering scam

    Jean Paul Sanfacon Is the Haiti Director for the Loftus Lebensbourn project
    also has the use of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers as useful dupes

    Bill Loftus has placed a number of friends in the plan

    Celina Persons
    COO Kenaf Prosperity Int
    Chris Davis Is the Director of South Africa
    Dr Hector M Guevara Director Of Mexico
    Sioux Hart Seior Admin Kenaf Tech Training Center...
    David J Potter Architect/Drafted the Prison Compound pix

    as well as several others involved with Bill Loftus in this venture.and other business activities...

    the rabbit hole is deep


    they already own the property for this Ideal Kibbutz ....

    they have had NGO's in Haiti planting Kenaf...
    and have set up a micro collection agency.....through GRODYSH

    everything in this dox has been implemented or is in the planning stages...

    it revolves around the Orphanages... activities... especially Claude Reginald Jean's GRODYSH

    Holly Haggerty
    and Pat Duggan were listed at one time as Board Members and Directors of Grodysh


    Link courtesy of the Wayback machine...
    Haiti Dianetics Center

    Bill Loftus, his magic kenaf seeds,Claude Reginald Jean,..Pierre Brice ..and LIMBE...

    Cary Goulston and gang are gonna wish that^ link^would disappear....we see what you did thar!

    with all the info Ive collected and gone over its safe to say:
    the snatching of Orphans and hatching the Loftus plan was in the works before the earthquake...

    its easy to draw a crowd when your offering free food to starving people.
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    Default Re: Scientology has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

    Wow! Nice work putting all this together with links. I think the next thing to do is get media attention on it. Those of you with any media/blogger contacts, should send a link to this thread.
    Patty Pieniadz Moher

    “We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.”
    ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

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    Default Re: Scientology has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

    well, at least Miscavige has somewhere to flee to in future if he does have to disappear rather quickly at some point.

    Wasn't it that Kool Aid drinking group that also were on a remote island somewhere, when that happened?

    Sounds a bit similar to me

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    Default Re: Scientology has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

    the Loftus Group wants to start by manufacturing 1 million of these Crude Kenaf burning stove...
    building them with child labor in some cases according to the dox

    they also plan to profiteer by providing

    • Kenaf seed
    • Kenaf harvesting implements (videos for these too)
    • a bio-mass generator (also has videos)
    • Kenaf_Create building blocks (child labor is also being used to construct)

    lists Scientologist Chris Davis as a Manufacture of the kenaf-create blocks...

    Lots of these Loftus Kenaf videos ..made mainly for Scientology consumption

    so easy kids can do it...^^^
    this Is Scientology Utopian plan dozens of Scientologist are actively wanting to push off on the rest of the 3rd world....
    and it started in Haiti ..over 5 years ago...

    they basically want to create a Utopian Scientology Colonialist Kenaf Plantation...and Kiddie Gulag ...

    the Volunteer Minister Mission to Haiti... in 2010 had alot more to do with The Loftus plan than it had to do with Humanitarian Aid...
    that includes setting up GRODYSH/FOHO and LIMBE .

    exploiting child labor..and fewer legal hurdles...and rinse & repeat it in every 3rd world country...

    wait till they try it in a place like Somalia...heh.
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    Default Re: Scientology has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

    Denis Roussel Florence Vanleuven Mike Campbell Cary Goulston Claude Reginald Jean
    ??????? Marcel Robillard,Susan Robillard..
    Augie Pinto

    Canadians Denis Roussel,Marcel Robillard and Susan Robillard ..were covertly fundraising for the LIMBE Academy...

    Michela Schneider was also involved in raising money for LIMBE after she left the Future of Haiti Operation..

    Michela and her sister Elena ran the FOHO Orphanage.... before Claude took it back...

    "Bless the Children" w/ Karen Hubbard was also administering the fundraising for FOHO and the Schneiders

    Barbara "Santos" Schneider did most of the fundraising.

    Florence Vanleuven arranged for Claude Reginald Jeans-children getting full Scholarships @ Clearwater Academy in exchange for his property,.....

    all of the other names/NGO's and people are involved in or were involved in recently in the Loftus Business Proposal...
    some are linked directly to the Volunteer Ministers...

    they used/manipulated other NGO's like Guy Chevalier of the the United Relief Force Foundation to raise money for their Orphanage project.
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    Default Re: Scientology has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

    Slave Labor Camps!! (Get them young and vulnerable - no parents or family to contend with)~!

    This makes perfect sense - heh Scientologist's - this is your future - poor, abandoned children with no one to look out for them!! A perfect self contained "Sea Morgue" recruiting station and no one in your way!! Talk about Human Trafficking right before your very eyes!

    The people that are running it are doing it for FREE - donating all of their money and time to help these poor children - and David Miscavige is rubbing his hands together in glee - new recruits!!

    DM says: "I CAN TRAIN THEM TO OBEY COMMAND INTENTION!!" No parent or family to contend with and nice, young and vulnerable minds that will be raised on the Kool-aide and will be happy to have rice and beans and a room w/ 12 others to become my slaves for eternity!!

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    Default Re: Scientology has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

    part of what I uncovered when digging into this again ...
    Linked Bill Loftus to another recent Scientologist/Scientology get rich quick scheme...

    the link is stuff dug up last year.... Bruce Wiseman and his wife... and others...

    I found out it was a Loftus designed Kenaf Rafts they wanted to manufacture in Haiti to clean up the Gulf Oil Spill..that had these greedy clams foaming at the mouth looking to get rich cleaning up the gulf...with a magic oil sucking Kenaf rafts.

    I was able to confirm alot of the Loftus dox

    MERCI Micro-credit ring Claude Jean set up.... its a collection agency for the payments on the kenaf stoves...

    its also described on his GRODYSH web page..


    Claude Can't wait to Cash in on some of that free Retavek labor

    He has a group of guys working out of the Orphanage...

    the only NPO/NGO Claude had been involved with in the past was the defunct Haiti Dianetics Center
    he formed GRODYSH in 2000 Group Dynamic for the Survival of Humanity- Haiti

    Claudes been involved since 87

    Claude's only been involved in the Orphanage business since June 2011....
    he used to supply food ..for Global Pioneers prior to the earthquake...
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    Default Re: Scientology has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

    Amazing thread. Well Done Triumph!
    "he also introduced all of us and indeed he thrust us into his practises of cruelty, inhumanity, abuse and punishment, all of which he systematically reframed as positive and as requirements for enlightenment." - Hana Eltringham/Whifield speaking in Hamburg on the 28th of March 2010.


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    Default Re: Scientology has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

    Cary Goulston Mike Campbell ..a guy called "Peggy" an associate with Pierre..Pierre Brice Erasmin ,Susi Tschupp,Claude Reginald Jean...2010..some deal was being done at the Ft Harrison...

    Susi works for the Clearwater Academy...
    they did put out a press release about the school sponsoring a LiMBE Academy fund raiser..

    the CoS also uses Pierre Brice photos in some Ebony Awakenings promos

    Pierre Brice Erasmin is in alot of the 2009 Global Pioneer Cape Hatiten photos...
    from the Old Haiti Dianetics center .. shows he was associated in the gang around 2008....

    with his old Cap Haiten address of the Dianetics Center .. now Is the address of the school...

    The LIMBE Academy looks to have been hatched after the Earthquake...

    as far as the photo timeline of photos I've seen shows...

    LIMBE ACADEMY is registered out of Clearwater to Susi Tschupp

    Susi Tschupp LiMBE photos

    Pierre with Cary Goulston 2009 Global Pioneers
    some of Global Pioneers Haiti Shenanigans Illustrated
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