elgium is going to prosecute Scientology:

Dutch: http://www.tijd.be/nieuws/politiek_e...84893-3136.art

Google translate:

The federal prosecutor's after years of research done with his case against the 'Church of Scientology of Belgium. It continues the famous movement, with actor Tom Cruise as figurehead known as "criminal organization".

The Church of Scientology of Belgium and two senior executives are also prosecuted for fraud, illegal medicine, various breaches of privacy and extortion. Learned that Time.
A previous criminal investigation against scientology dragged on for years and years is still the Brussels pantry. This study began in 1997, but the file was about older facts. This is in contrast to the new file that the federal prosecutor now at the Brussels pantry pull. The subpoenas are only just sent to scientology.
The association Scientology Church of Belgium, who three years ago moved from Brussels to Mechelen, exists since 1974. The Belgian department is very active - with all courses at companies, exhibitions, marathons, etc. - and will get the assistance of the European headquarters in Brussels.Employment contracts
The judicial investigation focuses on the internal practices of the Belgian branch of Scientology. The result was a complaint from the Brussels Regional Employment on dubious contracts that Scientology issued it. The case ended up in the Brussels investigating judge Michel Claise, in April 2008 raids had carried.
It would be a lot more incriminating evidence investigators have found. Besides the disguise of employment contracts to recruit volunteers and members, the court believes that there is extortion of members, the illegal use of pseudo-medicine and keeping records on all persons.
While Scientology in several countries, including the United States, recognized as a religion, targeting the Belgian courts are on a strict condemnation. Probably still provide more impact than the conviction in 2009 of Scientology in Paris, where a fine was imposed, but no ban.
The federal prosecutor refused Thursday to comment on the case file. Also at the Church of Scientology of Belgium was nobody willing to respond.
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