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Taipei a Mr. Yang also accused the mother in order to participate in Scientology courses, has spent more than 2 million this year and even credit card to borrow money from relatives and friends, family repeatedly asked his mother to quit the Church, only to end up in quarrelsMr. Yang is also suspected that the mother is hypnotic, and will be so addicted reporter asked about Scientology, the church must be a meeting open to foreign response to deadline, no results yet.



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The background to this collectable video: this is the first and only news in tw that directly criticize the cult of greed. But this is sometime last year. Days ago, the guy in the video said he is under intense pressure to take down the video after a couple of months and well over 1000 views, but he had the balls to ask somebody else to upload into other accounts. The pressure is disconnection as if he is not disconnected from his mother already by going to the press.
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wow then the vid needs to be mirrored and spread!
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The video file(s) can be found and downloaded here:
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This is a hard kick in the balls for the cult.

Taiwan is their ONLY developing market, and the only country not yet inoculated where people can afford to eat.

Mirror hard, and include Taiwanese descriptions and search terms in titles.

The moar we mirror, the less they money.

Great post!
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More then you know.
Taiwan is a cultural gateway into China.
If something becomes popular in Taiwan its popular in China.
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On YouTube, this text is posted:
Published on Jan 26, 2013

台北市一名楊先生也指控,母親為了參加山達基教的課程,已經花了2百多萬,這一年來甚 至刷卡、向親友借錢,家人多次要求母親退出教會,最後卻以爭吵收場,楊先生也懷疑母親 被催眠,才會如此沉迷,記者詢問山達基教,教會表示必須要開會才能對外回應,截稿時間到了,還 沒有結果。
The OP probably has this in Google Translate as there is a clear resemblance.

YouTube also has this link where it appears that there may be other related videos:
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Yes, the link is to yahoo news taiwan. There are screen shots of that video in the article.

The translation is about right. The guy and the reporter know little about scn apart from money grabbing.

Unlike the cos elsewhere, the church's response is that they will hold a meeting and then response to the media. That never happened - downstat.