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Thread: NJ Safe & Sound Bill: Legal Recourse for Disconnection

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    Default Re: NJ Safe & Sound Bill: Legal Recourse for Disconnection

    bump for yet another GREAT educational tool and initiative from NJ Safe & Sound. From the latest post on their Facebook Page:

    It’s Time To Be on “Mind-Hacking Alert”

    As part of its educational outreach, NJ Safe & Sound has produced “Mind-Hacking Alert: A Young Adult’s Guide to Recognizing Undue Influence and Resisting Abusive Relationships.” This concise, trifold brochure teaches adolescents and young adults (and those who care about them) about the various degrees of social influence and how to protect themselves from undue influence and associated predatory behaviors.

    The brochure will be made available to student life, counseling, and campus ministry departments at all the colleges in New Jersey; high-school guidance departments; and law enforcement and social service agencies. It is also available for downloading and printing from the NJ Safe & Sound website. (Links below. For best results, save the files to your desktop before printing.)

    Please share “Mind-Hacking Alert” with your family and friends, and share this post on your social media channels.

    NJ Safe & Sound was established to educate the public about extreme undue influence and predatory alienation, and to raise awareness of the need for legal protection from such abusive behavior. With your support, we can give every person, every family the information they need to protect themselves from exploitative relationships.
    Front side of this double-sided tri-fold pamphlet:



    We need MORE of this sort of thing, in ALL states. But it's really cool that New Jersey - of all places - is raising the bar. The home state of Hubbard's first failed Dianetics center. One of the few states where Scientologists do not have an org of their own. AND best of all, where attorney Paul Groswald, former SO member and ICSA speaker, is now running for a political office where he might be able to help push through the revised draft legislation NJ Safe & Sound is working on.
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    Default Re: NJ Safe & Sound Bill: Legal Recourse for Disconnection

    It's been a few years in the making, but there is FINALLY a legislative update on the NJ Safe & Sound bill. This is a new version of their proposed undue influence law, completely overhauled and rewritten. AND it's active in both branches of the NJ legislature with a handful of respectable co-sponsors on each bill.

    In a bipartisan effort, New Jersey Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-37) and Senator Gerald Cardinale (R-39) have co-sponsored S2562, requiring New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families and Department of Human Services to study predatory alienation and its effects on young adults and senior citizens (see below). The original co-sponsors are: Senator Christopher Bateman (R-16), Senator Anthony R. Bucco (R-25), Senator Steven V. Oroho (R-24), Senator Joseph Pennacchio (R-26), and Senator Samuel D. Thompson (R-12). On September 26, 2016, the bill was referred to the New Jersey Senate’s Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee.

    On January 9, 2017, the bill was heard by the nine members of the Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee. They unanimously voted in favor of it and issued the following statement in support of it: The bill was subsequently co-sponsored by Senator Robert M. Gordon (D-38), Majority Conference Leader, and Senator Linda R. Greenstein (D-14), Assistant Majority Leader.

    On January 13, 2017, the NJ Senate passed the bill with a vote of 37-0.

    An identical bill was introduced into the New Jersey Assembly as A4244 and referred to the Human Services Committee on October 13, 2016. The primary sponsors are Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-37) and Assemblywoman Marlene Caride (D-36). Co-sponsors are Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro (D-33) and Assemblyman Joseph A. Lagana (D-38).

    On February 15, 2017, bill S-2562 was received in the Assembly. The Assembly version of the bill, A4244, picked up another primary sponsor: Eliana Pintor Marin (D-29).

    Express your support for this effort by contacting the sponsoring legislators, as well as the members of both the Senate’s Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee and the Assembly’s Human Services Committee, given below:

    More at link!

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    Default Re: NJ Safe & Sound Bill: Legal Recourse for Disconnection

    This wonderful. Thanks anonlover.

    I know just the place for evidence of the disconnections and accompanying "SP " declares. The ethics and reports section of orgs which have members who have disconnected from NJ citizens or residences.
    Maybe requests by the study group would be ignored by those cliques however I am sure the must be some under the radar members across those states and even the country who would know of the existing mind-hacks.
    Various ways to generate lists of such for interviews.
    Local cable community lectures might be a good route, or local radio talk hosts might like the topic matter.

    I hope this goes really well and that it spreads. All the way to Starbucks in Clearwater and LA.
    Current technical issues resulting in typos, missed wording and punctuation etc. Hope you can make out what I am trying to say or joke about. Oh and auto correct I mean auto incorrect puts changed words in my posts. In the mountains so signal- connection whenever or dropouts mid posts etc. Lol

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