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Well now, since you mention it . . . .

Lots of free procedures in my signature; procedures you can DO personally, not just read about. Reading about processes isn't really worth shit in terms of developing a visceral understanding. Most of them aren't exactly Scientology, but if you blow off some charge you'll get an idea of why Scientology can be so addictive despite all the attendant hardships. For best results follow the instructions.

Now that was interesting! Kind of felt like a dose of morphine when it was finished. :O
It really did seem to help with the problem that was bothering me.

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It would be outstanding for you to share your knowledge in this area! Even though I was in the Sea Org (a long time ago) the structure and complexity of the religious cloaking was hidden from those who were (are) in. Only recently, because of LOTS of reading, I am barely starting to understand how the Co$ corporate structure works, and how it is legally under the guise of a religion.
Here's a quote from this page:http://www.lisamcpherson.org/irs/jeff-irs.htm

The IRS has little to do now concerning Scientology since exempt organizations are exempt also from much of the scrutiny non-exempt organizations are subject to.
This exemption has ripples throughout the government. Many laws and regulations handle religious organizations differently than non-exempt ones. For instance, minimum wage laws may not apply to certain religious workers. Scientology pays its Sea Org members $50 per week plus room and board.

Also, the link Freebeing posted explains a lot, as well. As far as the corporate structure goes, I suspect the Rathbun case is going to cut right to the bone on that one! As they try to explain it to the judge, the way the structure works will have to come out into the open.

The role of Sea Org will be particularly interesting here, too, perhaps being shown as an unincorporated "shadow" organization that is really in control of everything.

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You say, "Also, I don't know how many practicing Scientologists consider it to be their religious belief"

I'll give you my opinion on this: None consider it their religious belief. Every Scientologist, if he has read KSW (and every Scnist has read KSW) considers it as a technology. They also consider it as a practical philosophy.

Any thought that it might be a religion comes after these two ideas. Thinking otherwise would be a high crime as it would violate KSW. I think any Scnist who has read HCO PL Religion knows that the religious angle is used for protection.

Ironically, the only Scnists who really think of it as a "religion" are the ex-Scnists who see it as a cult, not a technology nor a practical philosophy.
Thanks for your explanation of this, xemnu. It's really helpful. It makes much more sense now.