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Thread: Inside Report: What Scientology DID while You Picketed

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    Default Inside Report: What Scientology DID while You Picketed

    from Magoo at
    An "OT" Called me tonight to give me a report, anonymously, of what
    occurred where he was.

    He told me first off, the news spread like wild fire that "Anonymous is
    paid by Psychiatry". (They *always* say that about anyone they don't like,
    who won't go away). Still---it's funny. I say bring the psychs in on this!

    They had 2 orders:
    1) STARE THEM DOWN (Totally "out tech" as they're SUPPOSED to confront
    evil, vs staring which is OUT TECH). Good one, Davey!

    2) Do NOT Acknowledge them at all (To acknowledge would be to tell you
    in any way they get your communications).

    He said many were dying to find out who you were-----like looking out
    the windows, trying to see if some of their old friends were out there.
    (They think they're X-Scientologists!)

    Also, The staff were in "Glee" which is like phony happiness (basically
    delusion/pretend to be happy)

    I asked him what were their plans re Anonymous?
    He said: "Flourish and Prosper" . I laughed, as they always say that,
    but their orgs are empty. "He said, "Yeah---I know, there are only
    2-3 people on course. They're on their way out"

    He also told me the MASKS were driving them crazy! So "Keep those in".
    I knew that to be true, as Scientology is used to being able to hammer
    the individual---where as with Anonymous, they're screwed!

    Also, she said there was a "Call to arms"---for the OT Committees.
    Meaning, they're going to bring in the public "OT's" to face off with
    Anonymous. Don't worry---they won't do much if anything. Scientology
    would be WAY to fearful their "OT's" Would leave----and rightfully so!

    Soooooooooo----keep up the *great* work!

    Anonymous RULES!!

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