I thought this comment from someone from Cupcakes for Breakfast summed it up really;

"This report- why so shouty, Scientology?
One thing (out of many) that struck me is the zero self-awareness demonstrated by whoever wrote it. They casually list the actions that drove Lori and Dee away- (the SO recruiter pounding on the door- just that alone registers on the crazy scale- not to mention the circumstances surrounding it- they wanted to recruit the underage son- Lori had surgery and was in pain, the sniping the kids away behind their moms back, the "who have you been talking to, who showed you the "bad" websites-all of it!)
It is off the charts creepy and controlling and insidious and WRONG! At any point, did any of them have the thought of, "maybe we could have handled this better?" Probably not. They have all the finesse of a blunt instrument. There is no common sense, no wisdom, no humility, no kindness, no compassion, no learning, no real human connection. They are a bunch of snakes. This whole story makes me feel ragey, and this letter is just a perfect example of why."

Juicer77 answered it thusly;

"As Chuki says, it's because they've been thought programmed to do things a certain way - Hubbard's way - and never ever deviate from it. That includes snitching every little thing "for their own good." It's diabolical. The thought patterns are retrained from early on (Training Routines) to shut down critical thought. They are utterly convinced that because Hubbard said so, this IS exactly the right way to handle it. Any individual or critical thought gets stamped out early, and hard. People start to "wake up" when something happens to shake their certainty in those ingrained patterns."