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Thread: CoS Canít Wait For Planning Application at St Hill

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    Default Re: CoS Canít Wait For Planning Application at St Hill

    Quote Originally Posted by dchoiceisalwaysrs View Post
    from the email

    "Comments sent in writing will still be taken into account..."

    Have you searched the local bylaws and others regarding of the entrance layout and highway safety concerns? know when I was researching and designing a subdivision some 30+ years ago there were restrictions as to placement of an egress/ingress such as a driveway or roadway. There were concerning distance from the enter point along the path of the highway and specifically stated distance required of a clear view from an x distance along the highway of the entrance point. Things like grade of highway (a hillcrest) or other inhibiting factors...which I would assume be blind corners..
    If you check through the voluminous correspondence at (enter ref ĎDM/16/3611í) you will find correspondence with ĎCounty Highwaysí who recommend several modifications to the road to meet standard requirements.

    These include widening the radius of the entrance and constructing a layby on the cultís property to allow busses to pass each other without having to wait on the road, thereby blocking it for all traffic.

    In addition, if you look at my photos in the original post, there are a large number of trees which might restrict the view. Most of these have now been chopped down by the cult.

    But the main point that I was trying to make, is that the cult should have got permission to do all of these things before actually doing them!

    They removed a section of the verge (public right of way) to widen the entrance. Doing this is an offence

    They are operating a facility in an unsafe state. And what about the rights of their neighbours?

    Here are a few of the objections voiced:

    Significant increase in noise of large vehicle movements for the residents Saint Hill Green. The weight of these vehicles on the local roads not designed or built for such use or purpose would inevitably lead to the destruction of the road infrastructure and therefore increased maintenance costs to the local council.

    Hopefully, the first accident will be not before the applicant has rethought this notion and avoid coming
    into Saint Hill Green. The coaches are also currently using the main entrance of Saint Hill Manor on Saint Hill Road. Why not exclusively use the main entrance and let people walk the 3 minutes from the main Saint Hill Manor parking area to the Stables and so avoid these road safety problems?

    The usage of this site is totally unacceptable and inappropriate for a rural, residential hamlet. It is causing serious amounts of stress and affecting the residentís well-being.

    The cult pretends to try to be Ďgood neighboursí, but this all goes out the window when an order comes down from Miscavige to build a coach park at Ďthat locationí just to impress his whales and Scileb friends.

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    Default Re: CoS Canít Wait For Planning Application at St Hill

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