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Hello there,

I have to add a piece of information here.

As I was really curious to locate the new org and since I was on the road last night, I decided to pass close to the rue des mésanges, in the industrial area of Romanel-sur-Lausanne...

Well, if they are not really visible during the day, they are REALLY visible during the night!
In this industrial area, all the building are dark at night except one... One building has all windows with light, so I suppose it's the new org. I was just passing with my car, slowly, and I didn't notice if the rooms were packed with busy students or not (I would say no, but??).

I have to say that the new building is bigger than the old one of rue de la Madeleine in Lausanne, perhaps two to three times bigger. I just hope that the number of scientologists is not 2 to 3 time higher...

If you look at the area in Google Earth (rue des mésanges 3, Romanel-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland), It's the Building on the left with the sign "Bosch".


I can't see the direction signs that say This way for more info on scientology>>>>>EXscn.net, Underground bunker >>>> get the whole story... or the free stress table at the entrances...manned by Xenu passing out coupons for a special on advance scientology eternal batteries for the ....Xenu meter. the fun to be had in that area has huge potential