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Thread: Goldenrod day

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    Default Goldenrod day

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    Set your fb profile pic to golderod let's see what happens

    I was the: Security Chief CLO EUS 1989 -1991
    Fine Print: -> I never signed the Sea Organization billion year contract!
    What ethical organization would allow the likes of me to be an uncontracted security chief?
    Scientology, that's who - Idiots! Sea Organization my ass!
    Need help leaving? call this number: 1-866-XSEAORG You can leave NOW! REALLY!
    Make your Freedom Day TODAY!

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    Default Re: Goldenrod day

    Maybe instead everyone sends goldenrod to the church; each one a personal declare of CoS as a Suppressive Entity.

    "Go to heaven for the climate and hell for the company." –Mark Twain

    "Religion and theology must not be confounded. Religion is not doctrine, but a new birth." - R. Falckenberg History of Modern Philosophy (on German mysticism).

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    Default Re: Goldenrod day

    I was so very pleased to be recognize by the Co$ as a Special Person !

    So, at a jaunty angle I stapled my goldenrod over the center my nice big highest achievement cert hanging on my living room wall.

    When people asked " What Happened " ? I just say " the Co$ changed it's mind about me - and thousands of others when we ran out of $$ ".

    So far, everyone understands perfectly.
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    " You can't focus on anything without attracting more of it "

    "Contradictory beliefs cancel your energy because you have a built in mental conflict between the validity of one belief, expressing itself only at the direct expense of another belief".
    Mark Douglas

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