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Thread: Traumatic Interrogation Stories?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
    There are some very reliable people who knew Quentin IRL & say he was not homosexual. There is much - as someone else noted - information on this board about Quentin growing up & also his so called suicide.

    There are people I respect who say he was murdered. From what I can find out - and believe - it looks like it was made to look like suicide, didn't kill him, so he was finished off while in a coma in the hospital.

    Others say it was suicide. Anyway, lots of info to browse through & form you own opinion.

    Didn't ask, but, I've often suspected from his behavior that old bat shit was a closet queen BUT I have NO evidence to back my opinion. It is in his own writing that somewhere around 11 -or 13 ?- " he was taught to masturbate".

    Oh, somewhere the is the allegation that lrh molested Dianne & gave it up as a W/H in a session audited by Mary Sue.

    lrh sure put a new level to being in a dysfunctional family !
    The ood thing is that
    we will never know
    'cause most of people who knows\knew
    would speak..because
    if people speaks against LRH
    they wil certainly be fair gamed.

    Hubtubs sadism
    drugs intake
    sexual perversion

    are taboo issues

    Just take the Love Boat thread...
    It sometiems appears it wast
    the unprecedented theta funny cruiseon the planet...'cause
    Theta Uncle Ron was aboard..
    you Know..You could hear his
    loudly theta laughter and feel such unprecedented theta power
    embracing you...

    But the poor small kids locked in the chain locker
    Nobody could hear their crying
    they suddenly lost their bionic powerful OT earing
    But they could hear Uncle Ron laughing of his sadistic orders

    those were the good times...
    and we will never know how it was funny!

    It has been said that Quentin was found with anal sperm and then a second coroner report wouldn't mention it.
    Concerning Diana, if it ever occured I supposed it came out in auditing...(certainly Diana)
    But she certainly would have been handled right way for her out-ethics and why she pulled-it in
    But hey...imagine one comeing out of the closet and speak out about an issue like that...
    would ben virtually assassinated withn 24 hours....

    Ron the humanitarian
    is a myth that serves many interests and people!

    Edit: Oufffffffffffffffffffffff I think I had an indigestion...I feel better now!
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