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Thread: Freelance Photojournalist seeking stories

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    Hello, my name is Derek-Jon Flagge. I'm a freelance Photojournalist from Connecticut.

    I've been seeking to interview and photograph ex members for a small time now. I'm considering starting a new project on Scientology as a whole but I'm testing to see if I could get enough people to talk to. I'm looking for your detailed stories about your time as a member. I live in CT permanently but I'm currently in Florida for two weeks visiting. Please contact me.

    My portfolio is here:

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Freelance Photojournalist seeking stories

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    Default Re: Freelance Photojournalist seeking stories

    Hi I live in New London, CT. Send me a PM. Google my name.

    Patty Pieniadz Moher and do you research before contacting me.
    Patty Pieniadz Moher

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