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Thread: A test of whole track recall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mimsey Borogrove View Post
    Truthfully - it was so small on my 22 inch monitor I could barely read it. Then there are my m/us, lack of data on those key words which caused my eyes to glaze over ever so slightly until inspiration overtook me and I pounded out my own triangle.

    I guess you are going to berate me until I dig into it. Sigh. Mmmmm What was that I read years ago? The way out is the... the door on the left, Monte? No, no. I'll think of it. A hint maybe? Maybe I should use a life line and call a friend...
    Try one of these:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
    And, most likely, it'll turn out the Hubbard version of " whole track " was only the confused rambling of a way stoned old tweaker, Dr. Hubbard hisself.

    Master of 7 Oceans. Nuclear Physicist. Explorer. Youngest Eagle Scout. War hero. Barnstorming Pilot - plus Gawd only knows what else he could imagine ! !

    Surely there is no one left who can follow old batshit crazy hisself AND claim they are sane, too ! !

    C'mon - detox already !
    exactly, that's one of Hubbard's use of ethos, from the triangle posted earlier, which was to establish credibility/trust and it worked until we found the truth about his true background, you might say in modern times when an employer found out a employee lied about his credentials on a resume, why the employee is fired, I hereby fire Hubbard as a guru or one who rose above the bank, or has whole track recall

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelluvaHoax! View Post

    I always thought it was entirely remarkable, perhaps bordering on the miraculous, that "Indie" and "Freezone" Scientologists are so devoted to the "tech" of Scientology.

    Because, both that tech and its founder (L. Ron Hubbard) would--if still alive--be doing everything imaginable to declare you a "squirrel" and "Suppressive Person"--after which they and their delegated goons would viciously try to destroy you with Fair Game sadistic lies, tricks & treachery.

    To be more specific, Scientology "tech" would be used to stalk, terrorize and destroy you by the same thuggery tech that was "applied" to Paulette Cooper. To wit, by any criminal means possible, to drive you insane, send you to prison or murder you.

    Oh, what's that you say? Scientology would never betray you like that? Scientology would never target you like that? What? Scientology would never send black op goons to criminally "dispose of you without remorse"? Oh I see, because you are a very special kind of theta being and the psychotically evil parts of the tech weren't really part of Scientology?

    What was that you say? "Scientology works for you"? And that you are still promoting the "tech" of L. Ron Hubbard so that other people can participate in the sociopathic hoax too?

    Great stuff Terril, an amazing demonstration of the ability of a Scientologist to keep "winning" and "F/N"ing, despite the cult carnage strewn about as far as the eye can see.

    As before, I will remind you of the one-shot-clear "BlowCog" that will help you eventually escape from the delightful delusions you hold so dear about Scientology. It's part of the "troika" of Bridge cogs. . .or what might be accurately called "THE 3 COGS TO TOTAL FREEDOM FROM HUBBARD'S MIND NUMBING CULT THINK".

    CLEAR COG: "I am creating my own reactive mind!"

    OT COG: "I am creating my own BTs!"

    BLOW COG: "I am creating my own wins!"

    Don't worry, I know you have "total certainty" that the last one must be some kind of joke. I assure you, it's not.

    HELPFUL HINT: Your unblinking "certainty", "persistent F/N" and "knowingness" are the reasons your escape tech estimate remains so gargantuan, LOL.
    Dear "Indie" &/or "Free Scientologist " &/or " Freezoner " &/or any other kind of fool,

    HH has once again with great clarity 'splained it !
    Ain't life grand !

    Over the years, I've come to really believe there is here & now . . . . . . . only.

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