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Thread: The Moral Core and how to control people

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    Yes, even during the 20s there was an anti Jewish movement lead mostly by Hitler where he was already gaining some amount of power over people by way of various meetings, broadsides, leaflets, newsletters and other ephemera and it was they were gaining in numbers enough to scare thousands of families out of Europe who saw the writing on the wall. This sort of thing wasn't new to the Jews. But many just couldn't believe such a thing could ever happen. Even after it was over, many Germans felt ashamed they went along with it all and couldn't believed how duped they were. They were victims in their own right. I say that as a Jew. They were just trying to survive.

    There are a few factors involved. You need a charismatic sociopath that can convince the masses that there is a threat to their well-being. A common enemy to fight so that makes sense to join up -- and to the death they shall fight for the cause, especially to protect the wise leader that revealed the truth about the trappings they'd been blind to previously. Or his/her doctrine/heirs.

    I've mentioned "The Crowd" by Gustave Le Bon before. He wrote about exactly how all this works at the turn of the century. There is even a free version of this book here:

    Also, When Dr. Robert Lifton wrote, "Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of 'Brainwashing' in China," this was how we got Lifton's eight criteria in order to measure or to use as a barometer for what a dangerous group is. It's right on the nose. It can be applied to anything from Scientology, to Hitler, to terrorists groups and even fundamental political parties, or pretty much any fundamentalist belief or movement, IMO. I've often wondered about Alcoholics Anonymous being a borderline cult at times, but not exactly. They hit on some of the criteria though. They do lie about their success rate -- not as bad as Narconon lies or anything like that, but just as many people get off drugs and alcohol on their own as they do with AA. The key is having some kind of support network.

    I only bring that up because NN recruits Scientologists, and the other alternative are AA based rehabs. There are not too many out there that are someplace in between. Of course, I'd send someone to an AA-based facility any day of the week first.

    Just my .02.

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    There's definitely a strongly cultic aspect with dictatorships.
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