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Thread: Scientology's view on depression/suicide

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    Default Re: Scientology's view on depression/suicide

    I'd say that $cientology has a very negative view on any sort of mental\emotional distress..

    According to the tech (tone scale, ethics, case..) any suicidal thought or act is considered as being a counter surviving act, thus low tone. (require attention and help)s
    Also, those action are seen as potential problems to $cientology especially if addressed with medical\psych care. (potential bad pr)

    Scientology never had, will never had any empathy, compassion for humane suffering..for they are inflicting it to their members purposely.

    Their main concern is either : the person has no more money and is a liability (to be disposed of..)
    or the person has money and can buy service..(them may be routed on introspection rundown \ heavy ethics handling \ processing...and closely watched)

    This is why any person having a vulnerability or experiencing distress shall be kept away of $ only can worsen.
    There is no care, no love, no attention, nothing that that is given with generosity and true concern.

    Best to you and your dad!
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    Default Re: Scientology's view on depression/suicide

    People that are suicidal are a security risk in that if they commit suicide while receiving services then Scientology may be blamed and bring about bad PR. That's official policy. Money can be accepted but not for services.

    This is why Lisa McPherson is dead. Although she may have never been suicidal she did manifest a psychotic break and since David Miscavige was her C/S she was put under lock and key with medical neglect and purposefully taken a long distance for medical assistance to a Scientology doctor all in an effort to prevent bad PR. Since Scientology and Miscavige reside in the force band the very thing they so desparately wanted to avoid was factually created ten times worse through their preventative actions.

    This is why the very place with the "Tech" on PR is universally reviled, hated and considered as a joke...a mockery.
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