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After the meeting, the regs smoked with me down stairs out in front of LA Org -- still smug -- saying that they weren't going to be demoted or anything and they still wouldn't apologize for calling me an SP. The conversation was fake friendly. Really gross.
You see this personality type in a lot of places in Scn. They will do whatever they need to do to "get the product" and if you get upset with them it's because YOU are "out ethics". They are serving a "higher purpose". Or it's just that they really really enjoy being in a position where they can screw people and be immune from retaliation.

In the outside world, they are called "psychopaths". There can be no arguing with a psychopath. The psychopath will never feel remorse. The only thing that will stop a psychopath is the psychopath realizing that you can and will impose consequences. That's why they like working for Scn -- the umbrella of immunity they get from the people they screw.