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Thread: Senator Nick Xenophon wants Narconon shut down in Australia

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    Default Senator Nick Xenophon wants Narconon shut down in Australia

    This is a new article, May 19, 2017

    Former 'students' claim core focus of Australian drug rehabilitation centre is converting addicts to Scientologists

    Independent Senator Nick Xenophon wants Narconon shut down and has slammed the Victorian Government for leasing public land to the Scientology-backed company.

    "What's happening at Narconon highlights the fact that there is inadequate regulation or no regulation when it comes to treating people with substance abuse," Senator Xenaphon said.

    "If any government is giving a leg up to Narconon, they should demand accountability for the fact that they're effectively getting taxpayer help to operate. They should demand transparency in their books, they should demand accountability in their treatment programs."

    "When you have people so vulnerable, so desperate for help, to be roped in to something that appear to be a front for Scientology is just not on."
    QUOTE OF THE YEAR: "I wasn't aware that a documentary (on scientology) was coming out but I'll be sure to not watch it." A Scientologist

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    Default Re: Senator Nick Xenophon wants Narconon shut down in Australia

    I just love how the only NarCONon centre in Oz is so well-documented by the media in this country.

    I guess the Board (5 OTVIIs or OTVIIIs) are having to use their personal (i.e. their own business's) money to keep this sorry excuse for a drug rehab afloat.

    I doubt the Drunken Maggot would let them do the humane thing and declare the place bankrupt - I suspect that it's actually insolvent and to trade while insolvent is illegal in this country.

    However, I guess they're getting "donations" to keep it afloat as it really is the last sizeable one left in ANZO.

    The other one in Taiwan is piddly and not really worth keeping open either.

    And still NO NEWS on the splendiferous Ideal NarCONon languishing ignobly empty at Yarramalong - must go see how the disrepair is going over there some day.
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    Default Re: Senator Nick Xenophon wants Narconon shut down in Australia

    Go Nick!! Give the bastards a good shafting!

    Life is supposed to be enjoyed, Mate!

    Don't show me the money . . . give me the TRUTH!

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