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Thread: Was LRH an Outstanding Writer?

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    Default Re: Was LRH an Outstanding Writer?

    As a writer of bulletins, rules and regulations, etc., he was very persuasive. A+
    As a nonfiction writer, when he wrote about his versions of history, etc., he was not stellar. C-
    As a sci-fic writer, my God, he had the most predictable, mundane imagination and a below average writing style that blended in with all the other crap out there. I would never call it literature. D-

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    Default Re: Was LRH an Outstanding Writer?

    Quote Originally Posted by HelluvaHoax! View Post


    ...and I don't even know if that "...however he was doing an amends project" was a crazy funny joke or not. Seriously.
    It was true. He had been Declared and was doing his A-E. He eventually completed it, got back in good standing for the sake of his family who are scientologists, then had nothing more to do with scientology.

    He is now a world-famous writer.

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    Default Re: Was LRH an Outstanding Writer?

    I was in my early 20s when I read Battlefield Earth and also Mission Earth. At the time, I enjoyed the books but did feel that the story lines lacked "depth" and that his fictional characters were very cliche.

    No. He wasn't an Outstanding Writer.

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