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I'm just curious, is anyone keeping track of the number of wealthy women who have financially supported Marty or continue to do so because they are the "only one" who understands him?
On the money topic ... when the Debbie Cook email went out, I created a sock account on FB to communicate with her. We used both messaging and email. I told her that I was anon. She trusted me like a friend. Meanwhile, Marty is taking up donations for Debbie's legal fees. It was getting pretty big, and Marty would write updates on his blog.

One day, Debbie and I were chatting, and she confided in me what her bill was up to. A lot! I said: You know, Marty Rathbun is fund-raising for you, and already has thousands of dollars. She did a big WTF?! She asked for a link to his blog, and she went there directly.

At the time I could not understand why he didn't contact her. I did. It was easy ... something was very odd about his collecting so much money unbeknownst to her.