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Long time reader, 1st time poster.

I have many people connected to me who are still in. I, myself, am not so sure about any of this any more.

I understand about how OSA monitors this board. So I am just saying "hi" for now.

And FUCK YOU, osa!

(man that felt good!)

I know for a fact that someone monitored it a year or so ago as I went through a sec check about somethings I posted. You should be safe enough if you don't get specific which I did. I am not currently on lines but my spouse is. This sec check made me even more skeptical as the meter did not pick up my lies and deceptions . but I really didn't give a f--- at that time.

If you what to tell stories or experiences just change some things or in other words lie. the idea is all we care about as long as that is maintained

I have been really busy lately and not on the board but welcome.