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Hi guys,
My name is Emmanuel and I don't know much about $cientology, but my mother was a Communist and I grew up in Communist Communes where I was sexually abused.
Anyway, I listened to what people who grew up in Scientology were saying and I could kinda relate.
Also I am big Scifi nerd so, I read some of Hubbard's Science-Fiction stories, including his early article about Dianetics published in "Astounding Science Fiction".
I don't think it should be called a cult, because that seems to be a derogatory term for a religion, but it doesn't sound like a religion to me, rather it sounds identical to (an outdated form of) Freudian psychotherapy, beefed up with Sci-Fi terminology.
Oh and the whole thing with "The Hole" and RPF-Camps sounds more like a Communist Gulag to me and the Sea Org reminds me more the People's Liberation Army than of "clergies".
Hi Emmanuel,

to ESMB! I didn't see your thread earlier.

Your posts and experiences are interesting. I'd love to hear more about your life and views.