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    Default Our Children...

    I wanted to start a thread on what effects (if any) did being on Staff/SO have on your children (no matter their ages when you went in and got out?).

    I didn't see my children for a few years when I was in scn and joined staff. (gave them to their father...long story, to do with something before I ever got into scn)......

    I saw them when I got out and luckily they were still quite young and we've been in each others' lives ever happily, since

    They did do a few courses, but never took interest, thank god.

    Years later, SO recruiters got a hold of my then-12-yr old daughter and wouldn't let any of us out of the room till she signed (she wanted to,they made it sound sooo 'cool' you know) and WE sign her over to them....we signed ours for 'next lifetime' and all of us read the stupid crap they make you read, some pledge or some such thing.... then for months after, they kept telling her to not wait till 18 (like she wanted to) but to join at 14..WE never had any intention of letting them have her at ANY age, but just signed the damn things to get out of the room!

    But still, they grew up in a strict christian religion themselves, so they could identify what kind of a group scn was and they were happy when we left it.

    I'll never forget the night we told them we are officially 'out'.

    We had a wonderful bonfire that night, and quietly explained to them the reasons we left. Suddenly the flames got low, but *gasp* Looky HERE, we've got these three BIG pieces of paper that those nice SO recruits gave us, we could use;)

    They understood, agreed and felt very relieved that we'd have more time for them and be free, etc. Then they helped feed the fire to keep it burning brightly, you know....

    Anyway: I know my story is kindergarten next to many of yours regarding your children...please share them here!

    This will help many parents and children, I hope.

    Wisened One
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