My latest Paul's Robot module, SpotAnAngel, is up at

It is about 400 files, almost all of them new, and in addition to being available online is also available for download there in a zip file of 40MB. It was supposed to be a slight detour from what I was working on a few weeks back, but ended up being much larger than I had first anticipated. There are many pretty pictures, but none of them are new so I am not showing any with this announcement.

I find the procedure a lot of fun. It helps to have done some of the RAW4 module first, otherwise it is a bit too unreal. This way it is only moderately unreal. It is designed to improve one's ability to perceive what is in various realms not considered part of the everyday physical world, some of which contain spiritual beings who intermingle with us in our everyday life. Er, reportedly. And finally to exchange greetings with such beings once you have worked up the nerve.

As I say, I like it and find it valuable. Your mileage may vary, of course.