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    Default L Ron Hubbardisms

    Yesterday's new promo piece from Flag has a little ditty in there by Ron and one of the things he mentions is that only a Psychologist would want a person to have a reactive mind.

    So I guess all those "SPs" out there that are not Psychologists can at least say that even they don't want people to have reactive minds and that Ron said so.


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    For the record. I am not a psychologist. I have attested to Clear. (more than once) And finally, in spite of what Mr Hubbard said and his followers believe, I honestly and sincerely want my own reactive mind back.

    Sometimes I'm the Evil Twin.

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    Hubbard is the first one to say we have reactive minds--right? That's a postulate---right?

    The Anabaptist Jacques

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    Default our ronny

    That's our ronny to a t.

    Invent reactive minds for all mankind.
    = "I want you to have these for my new busine$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"

    Then say it's someone else who wants them.

    Who's the bad guy ronny?

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