At vast expense - of time and effort if not money - I have created an eBook of Dart's most important posts, with related commentary from Alan. With their permission, of course. The source material all came from ESMB, so you can check it with the original for accuracy if you wish. I did some minor editing, mainly to correct typos. I also added footnotes and a comprehensive alphabetical index. The footnotes aren't complete, and I'll add to them bit by bit as I devote more time to the project.

Since it's a PDF file, it is easy to navigate through the 118 pages. Not only are the individual chapter titles clickable, but the informative headings and sub-headings which I added are too.

So you can now read all Dart's good stuff from 26 threads concentrated into one single power-packed 1.2 MB PDF file. I will be releasing further editions as Dart says anything further of note, as we find older stuff of his that should be included, as I add to the footnotes and index, and if I find anything wrong with the previous edition.

You can download the latest edition of the PDF file from [sic].

Oh yes. It's free of charge.