“We’re The Jive Aces and We’re All Scientologists”

Discussion in 'Mike Rinders Blog' started by RSS Feed, Dec 4, 2017.

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    “We’re The Jive Aces and We’re All Scientologists”

    A bit of history to introduce another of the methods Hubbard used to try to gain acceptance and win friends and influence people. In 1974 when the Apollo was experiencing continuous problems maintaining “safe ports” (in fact, in the previous year Hubbard had fled the Apollo when things got too hot in Morocco and moved […]

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    Yeah, the "JIVE ACES" know and utilize all of L. Ron Hubbard's advanced PR technology.

    PR is (according to Hubbard) the "science of predicting and controlling of Human Emotion & Reaction. That's a euphemistic way of saying "perversely manipulating people with lies".

    The cosmic joke is that NONE of Hubbard's front "capers" ever did what he predicted.

    The movie "BATTLEFIELD EARTH" was such a PR caper, designed from the ground up to make Ron Hubbard a beloved writer and folk hero with the cultures of planet earth. So what actually happened? What happened was that the movie entirely disgraced the name of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology by being widely panned as "the worst movie of all time".

    That's how Scientology tech works. You read what the "End Phenomena" is. Then you pause a moment to conceive of "WHAT WOULD BE THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT?" And when you figure that out, you then know what really happens when you apply "Dr" Hubbards "technology. What's that you say? An example would help? Sure. How about "TOTAL FREEDOM"? LOL Now think what the diametric opposite would be. . .

    Got it? Did you guess slavery?

    Now look at where he most elite Sea Org members end up. In the RPF as a slave.

    Have I mentioned recently that Scientologists spend their entire lives trying to "duplicate" L. Ron Hubbards mental illness? LOL

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    You just gave up the message board's final and ultimate, hitherto confidential, "clear cognition."

    You know that, right? :whistling:
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