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Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by Voltaire's Child, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    This is from real life.

    I worked at this place where there was this really nasty bitter woman. She used to say that they should send people with AIDS to fight the war in the middle East - meaning, kill two birds with one stone.

    She screamed and bitched at people.

    She targetted one woman in particular (though she was mean to a lot of others) and was very irrational.

    Her friends all said, "She's been through a lot." (She was German and had been a youngster during WWII over there.) "Cut her slack."

    So because SHE had been a child in a horrific war torn environment, her friends felt she could have a free pass to be just as nasty a bitch as she could be for the rest of her life. This was easy for them to say because she was kind to them, as they were friends.

    So decades later, while she sat in a heated office wearing expensive Geiger originals, nice shoes, drove to a nice apartment in a heated car, and had all the food (and alcohol!) she wanted, got to visit a happy and established adult child, her spouse and this woman's grandchildren so she had love, laughter and family, and had those things for YEARS, she was, one assumes, both excused and justified in slamming people. Gays, foreigners, coworkers she didn't like, you name it.

    It's ok, because look at what she went through.

    Decades ago.

    And for decades since, the freedoms, food, booze, clothing, jobs, loving family-well, that wasn't enough to keep her from being a toxic person with whom to work and deal. Oh no.

    And it's ok, too! Because, hey, a traumatic period of time excuses everything and it can never ever be ok.

    And it gives her, like 007, a license to kill-- kill joy and civility, in her case.

    No, actually, I'm not buying it.

    This is a crock of shit.

    My Auntie came over from Estonia to E Germany when she was 12 during the war. Then another daring escape years after from E Germany to W Germany.

    Guess what. My Auntie can be a tad bit peppery but she's not a predatory freak.

    She doesn't use it as a license to kill.

    So for those who are reading this and to whom this applies-- while you sit on your ass in your centrally heated tastefully appointed home, with your loved ones, and all the food and sleep you want, and a normal job to go to where they don't RPF you -well deserved benefits and lifestyle that you've now had FOR YEARS- and you're typing away slandering and libelling people of whom you don't approve and it's all excusable because you've been through soooo much.

    Well, fuck you and come up to present time.

    What the fuck have you done for anybody LATELY?

    What the fuck have you suffered LATELY?
  2. Pooks


    Still pissed off aren't ya?

    I don't blame you. That was a really fucked up thing for Roan to do.
    He'd have to do a whole lot of public niceness to the people he's offended
    before I'd ever consider trusting him.

    But I doubt he'd do that. That doesn't seem to be his game.

  3. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Well, there is that. But I've been kinda wanting to say this for a while.

    I was not exactly thinking of Roan, actually, I was thinking of Certain Nasty Horrifically Rude and Unbalanced People who used to be in the Sea Org and are now speaking out against CofS- and not just one person, either.

    I've heard so many people make excuses for them because they suffered a lot or they've done such a great service to the critic's community (See Alan Walter's posts of today) or whatever.

    Sorry, but people don't get a free pass based on that.

    They need to come up to present time. Having suffered or having done a lot for CADA or the anti Scn critic's movement or putting up critical sites and picketing does not give those people the license to be total shits the rest of their lives.

    That German lady with whom I worked hadn't gone through any more than my Auntie, I bet. Yet one was a psychotic creep and the other wasn't and isn't.

    The psychotic creep had friends making excuses for her because of what she went through.

    That's a lot like what is happening in our particular venue.
  4. Pooks


    Oh, ok , got it.

  5. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    I agree with you Fluffy, and I think a lot of people could benefit from reading Lionhearts wonderful postings and applying them to themselves. :)
  6. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    I like Lionheart's posts, too.

    I like his sig line very much. It's something to which I aspire but all too often fall short...still, he's right.
  7. gomorrhan

    gomorrhan Gold Meritorious Patron

    Quite right on the "no free passes", just because you once did something cool. Same for just because you went through some shit. We've all been through some shit, and we'll all go through some more, likely. People are accountable for what they do. This doesn't mean I'm going to sit around spending a lot of time blaming, shaming and regretting (well, maybe regretting), just that there is no free pass. Someone says something shitty, I'm liable to say "hey, that was fucked up, you should check yourself before you wreck yourself", but that's just because I'm so hip-hop and cool.

    Having done something right doesn't justify doing something wrong. It doesn't even make sense.
  8. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Yeah, I think so, too, Kev.

    Now here's a treat for you guys. Another story about that same Auntie. The purpose of my posting that is NOT to make some analogy or comparison to some people on some forums, or whatnot.

    It's just a cool story about a cool lady and thought I'd share.

    So here's my Auntie, and she and I and my cousin went to Victoria, BC together on vacation a few years back.

    Doing the tourist thang. We didn't rent a car and explore Vancouver Island (which is also a wonderful thing to do), no, we stayed in downtown Victoria which is heavily tourist oriented.

    Downtown Victoria has oodles more buskers, pan handlers and hookers than it used to. Suckin' at the tourist teat, I guess.

    Sooo we were walking along, and then comes some druggie chick in a sunsuit. She asked for money, we walked by her.

    So she decided to follow us and try to continue to hit us up for money. She zeroed in on my Auntie, figuring, falsely, that an older lady might be a soft touch. So she's all like whine whine whine I need money.

    My Aunt, who's been through a lot and has never had one thing handed to her, was PISSED. Now, picture a fairly petite lady, still with a pronounced German accent. English excellent, accent not thick, just very pretty, and overlays every word. If you piss her off, the accent gets thicker.

    So she turned to the whiney druggie chick and said:

    "I came to zis countree mit VUN suitcase ven I was 20. I had NUSSING. NUSSING. And YOU want money handed to you."

    Girl went: "whine whine whine blah blah money"

    (so help me, that's what she sounded like)

    Auntie: "VUN sooootcase.VUN!!"

    Girl: whine whine whine.

    Heidi and Claire: snicker snicker- YAY Auntie!

    I freaking LOOOOOVE my auntie.
  9. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    I think there is, for lack of a better way to put it, a cause and effect about this thing. Some people rise up to the occasion, and some are utterly incapable of doing so.

    When I first got out, I was scared. For my future, what would happen to me? Am I really an SP? A DB?

    I have done so well since being out, I am glad its over. And if I were there with what I know now, I would do things very differently. But there aint a chance in hell I will EVER go back.

    BUT: One thing I did learn, and is not used around here, is when I fell angry about something, wait 4 days before responding. It gives enough time to cool off before diving in.

    Plus, I find it incredibly childish and tacky that people fight publicly on a message board. If I have a problem with someone, I usually try to resolve by PMs. Or put them on ignore, if I cant.

    Going back and forth using fighting words seems to be like a game of tennis, with the ball just repeatedly being thrown back in your court and you gotta chase after it and send it back. And if you miss, you are gonna just re-serve it, aren't you?

    I love you Fluff. I rarely go to OCMB, even though I do have an account over there. I really dont know what its all about, but who cares. (I know its not only about OCMB)

    In summary: Some rise above their past, some sit and mourne in it. Let them be miserable. But what right do they have to send it on to others? none.

  10. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Right. It's a shame. I think people should work together.

    That's why I liked the East Coast SP Parties I went to. People were really connecting. And everyone was so nice.

    I did write this thread, not so much because of the silly crap that has happened to me, but also, for years I have been hearing the excuse "so and so was through a lot in Nazi Germany/The RPF/wherever" or "They really did a lot for the critic's scene" ..."so it's ok that they are mean now" or whatever.

    Alan Walters said something along those lines to Alex on the Fluffy thread.

    But, really, I've been hearing it for years.

    I heard it at that company where I used to work about the German lady who was so mean.

    And it's the same thing re that lady and re other people we know about in the critic's venue.

    Having gone through a lot of trauma or accomplishing good things in the fight against CofS does not give you a free pass to do harm later.

    I made the comparison to my Auntie because she suffered as a youngster in the same exact war and geographical location as that lady I used to work with, yet my Auntie has not found it necessary to behave in a predatory fashion decades later.

    Why? Because my Aunt knows that this was in the past. She'll tell you about it with real passion in her voice but she won't use it as an excuse to be mean.

    But that other lady had been sitting on her ass in designer clothing, nice car, nice apartment, happy family who'd never been within shouting distance of any war, never went hungry, it's decades later, so you know what, I never bought the "she went through so much in WWII" excuse.

    And I don't buy the analagous excuse re certain critics either.
  11. Headend

    Headend Patron with Honors

    Some may not agree but I totally get what he's saying, his posts display a deep insight.

    He accepts the wholeness of life, both good and bad with an ease I've very rarely encountered. :thumbsup:

  12. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Yes, that's an excellent way to put it. :)

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