Academic goes ‘Among the Scientologists’ to bring back what we already knew

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    Academic goes ‘Among the Scientologists’ to bring back what we already knew

    [Westbrook appeared on Reza Aslan’s ill-fated CNN series]

    Your proprietor spent a lot of time in academia and has a huge respect for the scholar who wants to advance knowledge in a particular area by doing the scholarly thing — investigating, listening, measuring, while trying to be as objective as possible.

    That, however, does not [...]


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  2. ILove2Lurk

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    . . .
    I was mildly curious, so I looked.

    He had worked through OSA for the most part to get a hold of 69
    people to interview plus access to LRH materials and COS events.

    Interesting tidbits from the Kindle preview of the book.

    From Pasadena:


    From Los Angeles:
    I guess so. :shrug:
  3. Veda

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    As mentioned in the article, this person seems to be the replacement for J. Gordon Melton, the long duration Scientology Inc. shill. It was Melton - while working for Scientology Inc. - who invented the acronym "NRM," and popularized the use of "New Religious Movements" - NRM - as a substitute for the word "cult."

    This fellow was hatched from the NRM egg, so he's made to order for Scientology.

    This is the first - by way of the "from Pasadena" interview - I've heard that ("New") OT 8s leave their bodies at night and then go to sleep.

    No night time astral wandering?


    No lay the body down and leave?, to travel the world and the universe having adventures? while the (meat) body sleeps?

    I remember the "fancy free and perceiving all" Success Story, that appeared in an early Advance! magazine (almost fifty years ago!), about an (old/discontinued) OT 6 (I think) who would exteriorize from the body at night, while the body slept, and go off to explore the sights and sounds of the MEST universe.

    A lot of people were impressed by that Success Story. Some even joined staff, and some even joined the Sea Org, thinking, "Sure there will be low pay and long hours, but I'll be free all night - when the body's sleeping - to have exterior thetan fun!"

    Based on reliable sources that talked years later, it seems that Success Story, and some others, were an invention of a Scientology PR person responding to Hubbard's order that Advance! magazine contain more impressive "OT" Success Stories.

    Hooked a lot of people. Made a lot of money for Hubbard.

    Today's Scientologists are still telling wogs (humanoids) that they can see through walls, leave the body at will etc., but they seem to have forgotten that thetans don't need to sleep, at least not nightly the way meat bodies do.

    Sleeping while exterior from the body. Where is sleeping while exterior on the Tone Scale?


    Unless Thetans are really just strange little organisms like tribbles of the old Star Trek TV show.


    Oh well.