Additional protest - parody songs *grin*

Discussion in 'Pickets & Protests General' started by Lokimike, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Lokimike

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    Sounds of Scienos by Simon Pall (no relation to Paul Simon, nor does he have anything to do with this. We just borrowed his tune - standard folk song practice.)

    Hello SPs my old friends, they're calling us fair game again,
    And so a warning on the Net's speeding, and its messages I am heeding,
    Scientologists want to drive us all to bankruptcy, you and me,
    They want to force our silence.

    Vitamins will purify, doctor's care they all decry.
    Never mind Lisa McPherson died. They badgered others into suicide.
    How the families wish you had just left them alone. You don't own
    Us, to force our silence.

    Then across the land I saw ten thousand bleating sheep or more.
    Wearing yellow jackets everywhere,
    so that false prophesy they could declare.
    All they really want is more face time on TV, with you and me
    Supressed, and forced to silence.

    Fools said I, the truth will out, we know what you're all about.
    Poster children for elitist views,
    what you're pitching's nothing we can use.
    And my words, that you're trying to Supress, still express,
    All that you'd force to silence.

    And the fools all bowed and prayed over L.Ron Hubbard's grave,
    Raised up nasty David in his place -
    look what clams have brought the human race.
    While the truth of the matter spreads viral on the Internet,
    you can bet
    They're never going to force our silence.

    And anybody who wants has my free leave to sing this.
  2. Lokimike

    Lokimike Patron

    Yes, Xenu's Lovely

    Yes, Xenu's Lovely (to the tune of Yes, Jesus Loves Me)

    Xenu's nasty, so I've heard, Clammy David spread the word,
    But since that's his enemy, Xenu's just all right with me!

    Yes, Xenu's lovely! Yes, Xenu's lovely!
    Yes, Xenu's lovely! Tell David where to go!


    Not deathless prose, but hey, it doesn't have to be perfect, just out here.

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