After pausing to reflect, Marie Bilheimer takes on Scientology’s attack of her ‘Leah...

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    There is a new post up at the Underground Bunker

    After pausing to reflect, Marie Bilheimer takes on Scientology’s attack of her ‘Leah Remini’ spot

    Every week when there’s a new episode of A&E’s Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, we look to see how the Church of Scientology is going to react on its website dedicated to attacking Leah and the people who show up as her guests.

    Usually just before the episode airs, the church posts [...]


    Every week when there’s a new[.......]

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    Thanks for posting that link to THE UNDERGROUND BUNKER for the full article.

    What unspeakable evil Scientologists do against their own families and children--simply because their "church" decides that someone is an "SP" that needs to be utterly destroyed.

    Is there any difference at all between that and (let's say...) a Jihadi suicide bomber who is told to get on a bus of children and murder everyone? Any difference between that and a Nazi concentration camp executioner mass murdering people every day at work?

    The only difference is in degrees of destruction. In other words Hitler's and Osama Bin Laden's terrorists were simply "more upstat" than Hubbards. Lest you think this is hyperbolic, did Hubbard not boldly call for the incarceration and genocide of all people who he decided were the wrong tone level? It's right there in the book SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL, being sold in every single "church" bookstore "on this planet".

    Yes, a "church" that gleefully calls for the murder of people who are 1.1.--covert hostility. Consider for a second what that actually means in the real world. Then consider what tone level a Jew in a concentration camp would have when interacting and speaking to their Nazi executioners every day. They would (necessarily) have to hide their hostility against the bloodthirsty savages that have been murdering their friends, family and children every day. Thus they would be forced to engage in polite or respectful exchanges so that they, themselves, would not be instantly shot in the head and kicked into a ditch for burial. Would that not be "covert hostility"?

    What a diabolically treacherous trick by Hubbard. To terrorize Scientologists by threatening their "eternity" and "disconnection" to all their family/friends, business associates and children; only to then demand that they are "uptone" or "theta" in speaking to or about "senior Scientologists". To wit, Scientology in fact DRIVES PEOPLE AT AN INSANE RATE INTO A BEHAVIOR PATTERN THAT IS 100% CONSISTENT WITH COVERT HOSTILITY. Having accomplished that (unless the person first figures it out and "blows", the party is then condemned to overboards, chain lockers, RPF indoctrination, disconnections, declares, Fair Game and worse.

    Yet all this despicable pathological behavior is tossed off with a blithe wave or comment by Scientologists and their Ideal Celebrities--because of their "WINS".

    CONCLUSION: In Scientology, any crime, human rights atrocity or destruction (including murder) is perfectly OKAY as long as someone can claim a "WIN".
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