American Power & Gas - another Scientologist run scam

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Lulu Belle, Jun 5, 2015.

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  1. Lulu Belle

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    I came across something on that caught my eye. It was a recent report on a power company run out of Clearwater, FL.

    I am the owner at a restaurant in PA. I was very happy with my electric service until lately. I had been with the same company for three years, paying 7¢ per kilowatt hour, a fixed rate. Then, in January a waiter took a phone call from American Power and Gas and unbeknownst to me, switched my service to their company. He was NOT authorized to do this whatsoever and the company in question did not require ANY form of identification to verify that he was the owner or person in charge. In fact, when the rebate came in the mail, the check was written out in his name. So I called to find out why, and they didn't even have me, THE OWNER listed on the account! Then, when I took a closer look at my bill this month I noticed I was being charged 11¢ per kilowatt hour! I was billed $700 more than I would have paid had this never happened. So when I called to fix this mishap, they determined that there was no mistake on their part and they would do nothing to help the situation. Oh and their selling point, the rebate check? It has yet to be received. This company is unlawful and needs to be shut down immediately. Complete ripoffs! My lawyer will be calling them very soon!

    I google this company and there's stuff like this about them all over the place.

    So, I go to to find out who owns this company. It's someone named "Tom Cummins"

    I google "Tom Cummins".

    Sure enough.

    Anyone ever hear anything about this company before? It's the first time I've heard of it.
  2. Leland

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  3. Leland

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  4. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    According to BBB....this company advertises on CraigsList for I imagine it is a boiler room operation.....

    According to BBB:


    Ms. Lucia Austin ( Director of Customer Service )
    Mr. Jim Bridgeforth ( President)......OT 8 far as I know....
    Mr. Tom Cummins ( Managing Member )
  5. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat!topic/alt.religion.scientology/-Bj6NixjEvs

    From: "Flag Service Org" <>
    Subject: Message from the Captain Flag
    Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008


    With the release of the Basics the world of Scientology changed forever
    and nowhere is that more true than here at Flag - Clearwater, Florida -
    the launch point of the Golden Age of Knowledge for Eternity.
    Thousands have started and there are still many more to get started.
    Below is a list of the next 300 Tampa Bay Scientologists to get onto the
    Basics in the Coachman Course Rooms.

    179. Lucia Austin
  6. Leland

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    On the Better Business Bureau's Web site.....and their ratings of A+ to F......

    American Power and Gas.....has a rating of F

    and a whopping 189 the last 3 years...
  7. Udarnik

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    Admin Tek at work! :biggrin:
  8. SPsince83

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    "Scamma lamma, scamma lamma ding dong"

    OTis Day and the Knights
  9. Smurf

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    If you do a search on "Cummins Tom" & "Cummins Thomas", you will see he's had multiple companies opened & closed in the last 20 years. His power companies are all subsidiaries of his company, AP & G Holdings, Inc.

    Tom & his fellow investors:

    They advertise on Craigslist... looks like typical fly-by-night telemarketing company/scams that pop up in Florida all the time.

    They are being sued in Federal Court...



    COURT NAME: United States District Court, New Jersey, New Jersey - CASE NUMBER:14-20889
    FILING DATE: 4/3/2014

    SUMMARY: Class action Telephone Consumer Protection Act violation. Defendants faxed numerous, unsolicited advertisements to the plaintiff’s fax machine.

  10. whoisxenu

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    Whenever I was nagged during my "sentence" at a Scientology-owned previous job, it was ETHICS:omg: like these that were usually at issue. Either that, or I wasn't enough of a proper slave.:unsure: I suspect there are legions of Tom Cummins-wannabes in Clearwater. My old boss way-back-when had a vast telemarketing background.:no:
  11. whoisxenu

    whoisxenu Patron with Honors

    From BBB complaint - "but they call back immediately after you say you're not interested. - See more at:
    but they call back immediately after you say you're not interested" - we were forced to do this at my job!!! (six to 10 calls via different phones AT THE SAME TIME! by various callers)

    Typical Scientology Ethics - greatest good for the greedy at the top.:yes: They call it "survival" - others call it "harassment.":duh:
    but they call back immediately after you say you're not interested. - See more at:
  12. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Yea, takes a certain type.....and ....Well...I'll leave it at that.

    I once asked my OT 8 FSM how he paid for his upper bridge.....he said " I sold storm windows in Palo Alto...."

    Palo Alto is about the last place anyone would need storm windows on their it a matter of being able to go in for the "kill" no matter what....(as a salesperson...)
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