An exclusive look at the Leah Remini KRs

Discussion in 'Books and Essays About Scientology' started by Free to shine, Oct 27, 2015.

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  1. Free to shine

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    A must-read. Oh to think we used to do that! :biggrin:
  2. TrevAnon

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    Hey David!

    We are in your Celebrity Centres,
    leaking your dox.

    Deal with it!

  3. uncover

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    Leah Rimini must have been really gullible or willful ignorant - anyway, here is the requested reference:

  4. LA SCN

    LA SCN NOT drinking the kool-aid

    Kudos to Tony O on this article!

    Be sure and read it - great insight on what twats these high muckity muck celebs really are - and how Leah Remini is not!

    I thank Leah Remini for having the guts and integrity to see the thing through and not take the easy way out.

    Also a feather in Debbie Cooks hat as her KR had great influence.

    :thumbsup: :yes:
  5. Hypatia

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    Not necessarily gullible. "What's the LRH on that?" is turning their own writings back on them. And it shows she's seeing they don't stick to their own beliefs which makes them liars.

  6. Mimsey Borogrove

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    There's one in the C/S series (I think that's where I saw it) that talks about c/sing the public with long programs, and the staff with short programs. They were just doing LRH...



    I wish I had the picture of him C/Sing on the ship at flag but, I couldn't find it.
  7. i'mglib

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    Sounds like Leah must have spent a fair amount of time ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD. Congrats, guys, as you may have helped her get out. There's the part where she knew that Jessica Feshback was a realtor in Texas and Todd Woodruff was out of the SO because of her "SP sites." Hehe, wasn't it Smurf who reported that about Jessica?

    I wonder who else is lurking here. Could be very surprising!
  8. TrevAnon

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  9. Boojuum

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    Read the KR's

    Just read the KR's. If you ever want a good look at the nuttiness of the group you used to be a part of, just read a handful of the KR's.

    It's like watching the "Housewives of Orange County".

    What a bunch of freaking idiots.

    I'm glad to not be doing that anymore.
  10. Gizmo

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    Ah, you contributors to these damn " SP SITES " !

    I, for one, am damned proud of all of you !

    Keep it coming !

    Keep the walls tumbling down.
  11. Gizmo

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    And KR's.

    Dear Fucking God to get called to flag to answer a KR that was pure HE&R.

    I once took out a magic marker & line out everything in the KR that was honest to God indisputable HE&R plus 3P - there was nothing left verbs !

    To top it off, the person who wrote this KR did not know me, had never met me, would not have known if I stood face to face with 'em - we did not know each other, but, apparently this person had a friend who didn't like me.

    So, I wrote False Report Report. Problem solved ? Nope, my FRR was filed UNREAD & I was told I had been ordered to HCO Sec Checking & if I didn't do it 'right now' then I'd get an instant SP Declare.

    One of the stupidest things I ever did was submit to a sec check when with all my heart I knew I had done nothing wrong.

    When the sec checks ( 3 intensives @ flag thank you very much ) were over I realized that by doing those sec checks I had violated my personal integrity.

    It took THAT for me to open my eyes to the fact it was time I went elsewhere.

    And I did.

    KR's. yeah the insanity of that stuff still makes me cringe.

    I did enjoy the day I spent shredding 3 bankers boxes of KR's written on me & my response to one.
  12. HelluvaHoax!

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    Tony and Underground Bunker ROCKS!!!

    One of the most divinely entertaining, funny, stupid-revealing and cringey articles on Scientology I have ever read!

    The only thing I really did not like about it is that while reading and savoring each absurd cult moment--I was dreadfully aware that, at some point, the article would not go on forever and all those hilarious zombie KRs were going to end.

  13. HelluvaHoax!

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    * Leah reveals that SHE was asked by Cruise to invite Jennifer Lopez to HIS wedding. Why wouldn't he be able to invite JL himself, like he invites every other guest? Oh, what's that? Because he didn't really know her well enough to invite her to his wedding? Then why is he inviting her? Oh, what's that, it's greatest good to put famous people in the audience because it's "good PR" for Scientology and will help bring in more paying PCs and thus save the planet?

    * So, Leah invites and brings Jennifer Lopez to the lavish wedding outside Rome. But, Cruise and church officials want Jennifer Lopez to sit away from her close friend Leah. So they seat her in another area. Yeah, that makes sense. Make it look like JL has nothing to do with Leah so that it appears like she is a personal friend of Tom Cruise. Because why again? Oh yeah, so that people will admire Tom more with the celebrity glory he has stolen. Cool.

    * Wait, Leah is squirreling up the whole wedding PR plan by violating the wedding's seating tech policy, thus sabotaging Tom Cruise, David Miscavige and L. Ron Hubbard's intention to free mankind. So, the church handlers descend on Leah and wedding guests to handle the PR flap. OT Sea Org members are not going to allow Leah's counter-intention and other intention to stand so they refuse to let her sit next to the person she brought to the wedding, Jennifer Lopez. This is how Scientology always responds to a "Hill 10" (by using their "tech" to turn it into a Hill 11)

    * Whoa, this is getting way worse now. Leah has reported in a KR that COB's communicator has grabbed his ass at the wedding! Quick church, banish Leah to Flag for 4 months of mind numbing interrogations ("sec checks") and get her to change her mind and cancel the KR because she really didn't see that (the "Truth Rundown" tech will ensure that Leah is shattered and no longer claims that COBs date at the wedding--not his wife--as grabbing his ass). And, oh yeah, charge Leah $300,000 for saying she saw that after the Flag interrogations and indoctrinations are done. That'll make sure she never tries that SP trick again (saying aloud what her eyes saw).

    * Just to be on the safe side, in case Leah ever were to blow, you shoulda gotten some KR's from other Scientologists who were at the wedding to swear that it never happened (see below):

    To: Celebrity Center Ethics Officer

    From: Tom Cruise



    I was present at the wedding of internationally acclaimed celebrity OT and movie star Mr. Tom Cruise.

    Subsequently I was shown a false report by Leah Remini in which she claimed that COB's Communicator "grabbed his ass" during the wedding reception.

    This never happened.

    I was at all times within direct easy viewing distance of Mr. Miscavige and his Communicator. Having seen COB countless times professionally and personally, including times we rode motorcycles together (and did naked saunas together as a purif refresher) I can attest with total certainty that I know ever inch of COB's body.

    Leah's KR was all lies and black pr. Here are the facts of what actually happened at the wedding reception:

    1) During a strenuous routine where COB and I re-enacted my "Risky Business" underwear dance (to the blaring sounds of "Old Time Rock & Roll") COB's underwear kept riding up on him.

    2) After the routine there was a huge standing ovation and people crowded around myself and COB to congratulate us and shake hands. Someone in that crowd (an SP) gave COB a wedgie which was extremely painful and restimulative.

    3) Following that suppressive act, I took COB's Communicator aside and instant hatted her on touch assists and other LRH assist technology. A short time later, COB's Communicator in fact ran an LRH Wedgie Assist on COB, with standard commands ("feel my finger").

    Therefore, if Leah saw any physical universe contact between the Communicator's hands and COB's ass, this was all part of a high-toned, standard and in-ethics handling.

    A full investigation should be done to determine the who (i.e. who gave the wedgie) and what SPs (besides Leah) are behind these High Crimes which are attempting to destroy Scientology's/COB's otherwise pristine and greatly beoved public relations status.

    This is Okay,


    Tom Cruise
    Freedom Medal of Valor
    World's Most Dedicated Scientologist

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  14. Thrak

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    What Grade is it that allows you to freely communicate to any ass you want to?
  15. HelluvaHoax!

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    Thank you for your question.

    I have sent your query uplines to the DIRECTOR OF T & A (Director of Tech & Ass).

    Typically, when the answer gets sent back down-lines to us here, it includes a cramming order for the person who asked it. This is because all things on this planet are already covered in existing LRH bulletins & policies.

    "If Ron didn't mention it,
    it wasn't important enough to mention."

    -L. Ron Hubbard, from his bestselling book

    So, to be prepare for your cramming cycle, you should make sure you are stocked up on the just released LRH STANDARD CLAY. It comes in all the standard colors and has no perfume smells or other psych tricks. It is sold by the box (25 lbs) and per policy, LRH says each student needs two (2) boxes of it (like the e-meter). The reason is that in case you are in the middle of a clay demo and something happens to your clay--you just immediately switch to the 2nd box and finish your clay demo before your case is damaged.


    Billy Blowdown
    Director of Standard Scientology Supplies
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  16. DeeAnna

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    Actually, I was a tiny bit impressed that the repugnant little creep even GOT his ass grabbed. :eyeroll:

    These Knowledge Reports read like the notes giggly 7th grade girls pass to each other during class to forestall boredom. Once again, difficult to believe people are participating in this bullshit and calling it a "religion". And then paying $300,000 cold hard cash for - what was that again? Oh, yes, to "save one's eternity".

    Hubbard certainly far surpassed P. T. Barnum.
  17. HelluvaHoax!

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    What kind of wedding has billion-year-contracted executives spending many HOURS handling guests at the wedding because they are "arc broken" or the wedding party's PR might have been harmed.

    Is that totally insane--or just really, really insane?

    If anyone figures out WHY A WEDDING NEEDS HANDLERS, please tell us. Because the answer to that question is the same answer as this question--WHY A PLANET NEEDS SCIENTOLOGY. lol
  18. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    The more important question might be how this can be an appropriate 501(c)(3) expenditure of tax exempt resources, or whether it amounts to inappropriate inurement to somebody named Tom Cruise.
  19. arcxcauseblows

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    there's a gem in there...

    so miscavige's excuse for leah was shelly is in hiding because of subpoenas, he admits to a vocal celebrity that the scientology self proclaimed pope's wife is on the lamb LOL!?

    so two possibilities... that's a lie or... more interestingly, it's the truth, so what subpoena? flo barnett?

    any other strange circumstances that would warrant her hiding from subpoenas, maybe that he beats his staff? she tried what little she could to keep some kind of leash on that dog

    is there any way to check for subpoenas? are those in court records or just the lawyers records?
  20. DeeAnna

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    As more and more of the Cof$ bullshit gets broadcast and published, eventually somebody's going to get a bug up their ass and go after them. I mean somebody official, not us "yappers".

    Because Cof$ currently has the religious status does not mean they'll have it next year. They had it, then lost it, then got it back. Things change, presidents change, agencies change.

    It is so good to see the truth continuing to pour out. I nominate 2015 as the "diarrhea year" for $cientology.

    Perhaps some kind of a new award system can be created. It can be called the "Pou" award.

    Ya gotta look this one up. It is some damn game my grandson downloaded onto my smartphone that I can't get rid of. The main character in the game is named "Pou". And yes, that is pou as in poop. And there are animated little brown piles of it. Who emit strange, loud noises at random times. Which I learned today is notification an email from pou awaits me. To tell me that "Pou" needs attention.

    This is what creating free game applications targeted at the younger user begets. We're meeting at his house after school tomorrow for him to remove it from my phone! (Which I thought I had done, but hadn't really since the damn program keeps emailing me about Pou!)