Any exes take part in anti-drug campaigns?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by denvanon, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. denvanon

    denvanon New Member

    An anon here. Not an ex-scientologist, though our local group has a few.

    I'm curious to pick the brains of anyone that took part in sci's anti-drug campaigns. In particular, I'm looking for "Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life" with its "drug-free marshals" recruiting for kids. If you were part of any similar anti-drug efforts like in CCHR, that would be useful as well.

    What I'm trying to figure out is

    1) In a typical presentation to kids, say at a school or community center, how much effort is put into recruiting? I know the marhals poster and essay contests are used to farm contact information, but is information farmed any other way? Are kids told about Scientology or Hubbard?

    2) Are they sent home with any reading material that plugs Scientology, Hubbard or CCHR?

    3) I basically already know the answer on this but when organizing these events, how up front are the groups supposed to be about their connection to Scientology? Is that connection hyped up in public relations materials later to give the cult a sense of legitimacy and endorsement by the city and police?

    Thanks for your help, and for sharing your experience with anon. It means more to us than any number of linked stories ever could.
  2. Pixie

    Pixie Crusader

    I would just like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you guys are doing. It never ceases to amaze me that a non ex would even want to contemplate or be bothered with what's going on or with what we have put up with. It's easy for a lot of exes just to remain in a state of apathy. You are each and every one of you pure diamonds, and I cry bucket loads when I watch your videos and see what you are all achieving here. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all of you. Please pass this message on and you are very welcome to this forum anytime.

    I am sorry I don't have any info for you on the say no to drugs thing, all I remember was being given a t-shirt to wear. :eyeroll:

    Thank you again.. Pixie:bighug:
  3. sallydannce

    sallydannce Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hey welcome denvanon. :)

    I can only offer a little here.

    From what I remember about the say no to drug campaigns which I was on the fringes of, scientology was not mentioned at all. I do remember the press releases that were put out tried to always get Hubbard's name mentioned in them. They tried to always get Hubbard the credit. The aim was to promote the "good works, good name" of Hubbard. The religious aspect, scientology, was not to be mentioned. If someone in the public connected say no to drugs to scientology & asked "is this scientology" the answer would be "no, but it is based on the works of the same man that developed scientology."

    From what I remember, say no to drugs was purely an exercise in PR. Trying to get the "good works" of Hubbard known broadly in the community. I didn't ever see it being used as a recruitment tool though. More like a softening up of the public to accept Hubbard as the good guy. An attempt to get a brand name known type thing. Make it more acceptable, therefore easier to get people to sign up for scientology at a later stage. Like "hey that's those good folk who did all that great work to keep kids off drugs. Wow scientology cares for people." Manipulative subtle stuff.
  4. denvanon

    denvanon New Member

    Interesting. What about the teaching methods? Do they employ study-tech to your knowledge?

    Also, do you or any others know about any secular anti-drug alternatives to this group other than DARE?
  5. FinallyMe

    FinallyMe Silver Meritorious Patron

    Other anti-drug groups

    I just googled "Drug Rehab Centers" and came up with all kinds of programs and places to help people drop drugs.

  6. sallydannce

    sallydannce Gold Meritorious Patron

    I don't have any first-hand info on the teaching methods but having been in scientology for many years I can guarantee you that whenever a scientologist "teaches" another, Hubbard's study tech is used.

    I haven't kept up with any anti-drug type things being offered but I'm sure there are secular programs run by government departments. Just can't think of any names of these off-hand. :)
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Patron with Honors

    I'm not sure about other orgs but in Adelaide (Australia) these programs were all handled by our DSA (Director of Special Affairs). This post is always held by an SO person and is part of the OSA organisation.

    It all seemed to be just pretty much made up of any Scn kiddies. They'd go out and adopt a bit of road or tram station and keep it clean.

    My thoughts on the matter is that it's just really a good PR exercise and for the most part is reasonably positive. Maybe it has a more sinister edge in other cities though...

    I can remember picking up trash around Clearwater for a Saturday morning instead of CSW time for some good Church PR. Oh how the entire OOT group loved that one! :yes:
  8. denvanon

    denvanon New Member

    I know for a fact that out here they've been doing their program for non-scn kids. The degree of propaganda seems to vary though. Late ex-scn and part of the original Cult Awareness Network Jim Beebe talked about how the group farmed for contact info.

    I'm not sure if that's going on here or if it's strictly for PR. Either way, a couple relevant people are finding it very interesting that the group wasn't forthcoming about their connection to a dangerous cult. I'm just trying to make sure we have more information to supply them.

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