Anyone from Miami Org here?

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by Wisened One, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Hi all:

    Haven't visited here for a long time, glad to be back!:)

    Looking for any Miami Org ex-public/Staff?

  2. ThisFenceHurts

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    Don\'t know much about the Miami Org but I do know that there are a few families living Clw for quite some time that had ties to Miami.

    One of them was the Calkins family...David was regging for Mace-Kingsley Field Group, Nancy was regging for Delphi Academy of Florida, daughter Rhea was in Alaska, Gina was a student at Delphi as was Sandra. Although they would be older now.

    Another is the Kirtley family. James passed away within the past few years. Carol is still active and the children Kelly and Matthew are as well.

    I believe Judy Blum was also in Clw for some services recently.

  3. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Hey, TFH:

    Thanks! I knew Caulinks family, nice people..and Blum family too....don't know Kirtley tho. Anyone else from there you know anything about?

    Appreciate the updates!

    Wisened One
  4. XenuEtrawls

    XenuEtrawls Patron

    James Kirtley, who I also found out died a few short yrs ago, had wavy/curly dark hair and spoke Spanish fluently since -as he always said- went to college and had mostly Cuban friends. He started out in the Public courseroom & then became one of three Ethics Officers at the time with John Bravo & Rick, forget his last name. James & John were over 6 fr tall & Rick towered over them at 6'3"-6'4" James's wife worked as either ED or a top exec at the Delphi Acad in CW and James himself became VERY successful working with his long time friend, and also ex-MM staff member, Mike Kaplan who brought James into the company, I believe HE founded. Kaplan & fmly can also be found on the "contributors" list of the other message I sent you.

    As for John Bravo, I met him at the "Carreta" restaurant on Bird Rd & 87th ave. and he was trying to get me to join what I considered back then a "squirrel" group he'd joined. He actually looked good but he also was always smiling and had a good sense of humor. Oh and before I forget, James Kirtley was one of the sweetest most genuine & sincere straightforward kind of person I've ever met. It's too bad he passed away. He was perhaps a yr or two older than me, maybe even younger but definitely around MY age and I'm not quite ready to "drop my body" just yet. lol

    After James, I liked Fred best but obviously there were -as you yourself know- many VERY GOOD people in Miami at around the same time. Dave Tropf, the ED when I joined was the Qual Sec for many yrs before becoming ED and taking MM Org to new heights. We were back then St Hill size, before there was even a Birthday game. The ED before him was John Sexmith, whose name also appears on the *new mag leak*

    I didn't know Judi Blum & fmly were in CW. Her pic can be seen in the MM mag leak & last I know she was still MM staff or at least FSM. Dave & Nancy Caulkins were in CW but Nancy had finished her contract with Delphi as her kids had finished school & she was no longer working for them when I met them at Wayne Eisenman's home. Also there as I said were Fred & Kate Fig., Shaun & Vicki Carrol (Remember Fred was also married to Vicki, right? That boy got around:) Scott (there were two Scotts I rem) but the one who was acad admin was there too. He was studying to become a lawyer. The other Scott had long blond hair, kinda wavy and hung around with Alexis Rodriguez, don't know if you know him.

    Then the last time I went to Flag and Tampa org, I met Denise, who worked with Leona as letter reges way back. Denise was married to Ray who was one time the MM Org intern sup. I forget their last name. I also met Darrell Kirkland -remember him and his brother Duane or Dwayne?, who was married to (but divorced) Martha Kirkland [She was also in CW and kept the name] How about commercial realtor Jorge Correa & his wife, Maria? They lived in Coral Gables near the org but they divorced and Jorge re-married a Venezuelan girl & moved also to CW. I know he got pretty high on the Bridge, doing all 3 Ls before I lost touch with them. Jorge & Maria are of Cuban heritage. How about George Bravo, who was LOC & KTL sup? And David & Mary DeMoss? I met up with David in CW also, or Tampa (same diff) CW & Tampa Org are 15-20 mins apart driving dist. I also saw Mary at Delphi but I never liked her much, to be honest. Dave I liked. They were already divorced & I hear Mary remarried and, of course, she's now blown too. She's disappeared. Maybe Mark Bunker is hiding her out >:) I know he seemed to like her from what things he wrote about her.

    Let's see who else? Kat & Gary Bottorf? I didn't like either as well. Gary was my senior at one time in HCO & well, not many liked him in those days. He was HCO Cope Officer. :) What of Celia Alvarez, then Madigan? She was married to two auditors, George Alvarez (who got SP declared - I just ran across his name on the latest SP list from 1992) and Tom Madigan (who died about 10 yrs ago) I think she's remarried but she was Treas Sec for the longest, then became ESTO or HES, I'm not sure. She's STILL MM staff as are Leah & Leona. And Mark & Lisa Witt? Both good people. Lisa was also my auditor once & she had a very natural affinity, in or out of an auditing session.

    Okay, I'll stop here. I enjopy writing, as you can probably tell, plus I, too, have been meaning to find other Miami Org people on this forum.

    If you have any specific questions, ask away. Thanks for reading.

    Until the next one. :)
  5. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Hey again, I replied to your post in my other Thread, btw! :) And can't wait for your PM!

    Yep, remember most of the people you name...

    Gary Bottorff! Not too bad of a human being, I don't guess, but HE'S the one who held me in a freezing room for 2 hrs (or longer) lecturing me and Black Postulating for me about how I was gonna die, my marriage was gonna die, I was gonna get Cancer, or commit suicide, etc, etc, etc! :angry:

    His wife audited me once out of a strange break I had after receiving auditing from a student, good auditor, but didn't know her or anything....

    And yep, always liked Lisa! Mark Witt was nice too...

    Mary DeMoss: I got along with her ok while we were Staff together but she always had sort of an.....attitude.......I DID like her husband at the time David DeMoss though! VERY nice guy! He helped me become more fluent in Spanish (since he spoke it fluently) and was also my last Auditor and a good one at that! (I say, even tho I blew..and it was NOT due to my Auditing! I repeat!).

    Celia Madigan! Sweet lady! She was Treas sec when we were there! Always liked her! Heard she's still there as another post, tho.

    Leona Grimm: she was married to Helmuth Grimm. They divorced when I was there. I never dealt with her too much, but she seemed nice. So she's still there, too, huh?

    Boy this is really awesome chatting about all these people with another MM Ex! :happydance:

  6. XenuEtrawls

    XenuEtrawls Patron

    Yes, and btw, Celia's husband or ex, now - Tom Madigan (also my auditor) - passed away a number of yrs ago. She's remarried, again: Third time's a charm. I know the guy but can't remember the name. He's in the Miami mag leak pic kneeling next to Celia -FLASH ANSWER! "SNAP!" C'mon u frickin lazy out work File Clerk: Scott Fitzgerald! - Thank you for telling me that. It's Scott Fitzgerald. LOL

    And Helmuth remarried, as well. I forget his wife's name but she used to do services at the MM Org and then I met up with her at the Orlando Org and I went to visit him once. Had a picnic with him & his wife & kids.

    Btw, personally, you're the 1st person who's had anything nice to say about Gary. :) But hey, I don't want to be guilty of alloying anyone's affinity. I guess we're all good people deep down. I never had the proper equipment to dig THAT deep with Gary. He had his moments, let's just say. In my better moments, I love everyone; including assholes. ROFL That was a french word "ahsoles" is pronounced. It means "lonely people" :eek:X

    And I go way back with all of them; since 1978. Leona used to be a letter reg in what was called "the annex" which was the bldg next door, with Denise Sieger. She was nice (both Leona & Denise) Celia is nice, too but she's "burnt out" and has been in the cult ALL her life. Her mother who died in the very early 80s was LRH's secretary at one time & ran estates. Her dad was an auditor at the Miami Org. I forget who passed away first. Janet was her name.

    David DeMoss is a sweet guy. Oh and you don't mention it here but you're right, Bob Addis is never anywhere to be found. Maybe he blew! ;-)

    Btw, I spoke on the phone with Telepathetic for like 4-5 hrs straight, with a couple of short breaks. :)))
  7. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    Celia is married to Bill Petro. She had another husband in between Tom and Bill. He died too. His name was Gary. She met him through a Scientology dating service.
  8. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Hey again, glad you are posting with us more! :yes:

    Gary: No, I did NOT have affinity for the guy! Nor his wife, particularly. Like I said: Gary's the one that didn't give a shit that I was seizing with cold (and no, I'm actually not exaggerating). He just kept right on with his intense, little black brainwashing..making sure another bites the dust for having routed out of Staff....:eyeroll:). I remember them as being quite arrogant of a couple, really. They refused to let 'wogs' into their house when they had their roofing company! :eyeroll:


    Celia's mom, I believe, died in the early 90's, while still working in Treas with Kitty and Celia.

    I remember how hard it was for Celia (and KB) to get over her death.

    Anyway: Helmuth Grimm divorced Leona Grimm while we were there and then married Susan Mastandrea. Helmuth then routed off Staff when we were still there. They had two kids toegether. Last I heard, he was working for NASA or something like that...on the Shuttle. But now they are divorced and Helmuth is re-married to a non-scn. I think he's still a scn tho, not sure. Susan I think is still a scn, too, don't know. As far as I know, she didn't re-marry.

    So is Kitty and Randy still there? (Really got along with Randy, NICE GUY!).

    And really? Bob Addis is no longer there? I saw his pictures in the recent newsletters tho! Maybe he's just not on Staff anymore. Is he still married?

    Please...MOAR updates, anyone! :drama:
  9. Papabear

    Papabear Patron

    I saw Kitty and Randy in CW. They have an autistic child but were shooting to get back in the SO. This was somewhere around 04-05.

    I laid shingles with Gary. Wanted to push him off the roof a couple of times...

    Helmuth was great. He worked on my car a couple of times and last I talked to him he was working on a car engine that was fueled in water. A past life design he said. That was many moons ago.

    I remember the MM org having huge parties when I was 10 or 11 years old. Hundreds of people dancing and getting drunk ( I think). Then they got small quick...I was too young to know why but the dwarf was in full action from what I understand.

    My dad ran a Dianetics group a few blocks from MM org and got tons of people in. Got a lot of training paid for that way.

    Used to work with Bill Petro as a tear down mechanic around '95-'96. Really nice guy, was pissed off at the IRS agreement but I guess he got over it. I miss him. I took over his ex-wife Martha's position when she worked for Peter Letterese.


    Always liked David Demoss too. Mary was ok until she really went fanatic. I hope she's sorting herself out now.

    Thanks for the memories!
  10. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Thanks for the updates on some of the people, Chris! :yes:

    Wow..wonder if Kitty and Randy went back into the SO? Randy was THE nicest guy, had many long conversatons with him :)

    Re: the parties. Yep, we had some fun parties when I was there in the 90's, too. A few beer and pizza nights, (for being upstat) they were interesting, lol! They were too few, tho.
  11. skollie

    skollie Silver Meritorious Patron

    Did Mary DeMoss blow? There were rumors swirling a few months ago, but nothing confirmed.

  12. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    I really enjoyed our many conversations with Randy. Really great and sweet guy! I remember it being kinda weird, cuz he was SO and most SO were sooo stiff, militaristic, stilting, cold in their conversations with you. Randy I don't think EVER was to any of us, he was soft, caring, sincere, friendly guy who knew his stuff on certain subjects! (Natural Health, etc.). Wonder how they're gonna rejoin the SO with a child, especially a special-needs one? :unsure:

    LOL! HE was the one that held me in a freezing room and lectured at me (and hubby, separately). Yep, hubby worked roofing with him, too. Until Gary was forced to fire all Staff working for him due to some policy about having Staff working for your company....Dean was making good money with him, too! We ate pretty good meals during those times..

    Helmuth was also a really sweet (and handsome!) guy. He was also an excellent Auditor! Yeah, he had some cool ideas and I remember him working on that engine idea. Don't know if he's still doing that or not. I'm pretty sure he's now remarried to a non-scn.

    Bill Petro! He was the guy who worked in the CF and was an OT VIII, lol. He used to go on rants, lemme tell ya, lol. Nice guy.

    I hope Mary's safe and happy wherever she is, too.
  13. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    I really don't know...there's rumors about it, tho. I think someone mentioned it here or on Youtube or somewhere...:shrug:
  14. PaulLuzerne

    PaulLuzerne New Member

    Miami org prior to Coral Gables move

    I was at Miami org when it was situated close to the water - was that Brickell Ave? I've recognized many names in this thread but I still have seen no mention of Janet and Bob Guilford - they were both big time in the guardian office with Fred Ulan. I would love to connect with Leah Abady but I've seen no information on her.
  15. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Hi Paul:

    You were involved at an earlier time, than me. I was involved after it moved to Giralda Ave. (I was there in early to mid-90's).

    I recognize the name Fred Ulan, and may have even seen him around there as an FSM at the time, no info on him since, though.

    Leah Abady, I think, is STILL there as a Reg.
  16. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    Yes I remeber the Org from when it was on Brickell. "Head south on I-95 and exit when you smell the bread".

    Janet and Bob were in Miami when the Org moved to Giralda and ran the estates Div which was huge. Really good people as I recall.

  17. MissJones

    MissJones Patron

    Gary did the same thing to me, Michelle. Held me in a room for 2 hours until I "cognited" that I was a D.B. The execs called it "sicking Spike"...I was in the exec office one day and Betsy-the DDED- was all smiles & asked Tropf if he wanted her to "Sic Spike on him"....this meant they were unleashing Bottoroff on some poor, unsuspecting soul. I had stumbled into the room before she saw me as I wasn't high enough on the org bd to know about Spike. Soon after that they turned him loose on me.....and that's when I decided to leave.
  18. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    god damned

  19. MissJones

    MissJones Patron

    I was on staff about the same time as you (wisened one)...Celia's Mom was a staff auditor named Margaret Reynolds..Janet LRHC/ Estates Sec was Janet relation to the Reynolds clan....I wasn't there when Margaret died...but can imagine what it did to poor Celia.I noticed on facebook that her sis, Kathy Bottorff, lists her present home as Phoenix. THAT knocked me over. I never thought she'd leave the Org. Another awful blow for Celia. Is the post about Celia having 4 husbands true???? She's been Lucky in Love ! (except for the dead ones)
  20. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Well Hi and :welcome2: to ESMB, MissJones! :) Soooo HAPPY to finally hear from some more Miami people, here! :yes:

    And thank you for reading my story and confirming how Gary was and for some strange reason, it gave me some relief to hear he didn't only treat me that way! GLAD YOU LEFT, as well! I'd love to hear more from you and share stories with you :)

    I got on Staff just a few months before she died. And yes, it did devastate Celia and KB. I remember. :sad:

    And WOW...KB is OFF STAFF, now?! Probably means Gary is too, then? Huh! Wonder how many are left there? I know Celia is STILL THERE and still sweet as ever. Yep, she has had at least 3 or 4 husbands, and I think she's had to deal with some tough times when they died on her, like that. I really like Tom Madigan. :sadsigh:

    So bet you and I know many of the same people. Tropf was not the ED when I was there, Mark and I think Celia were 'acting ED's' or something until :violent:Cat Fox:violent: came back from OEC/FEBC Training to take over as tyrannical ED until she got busted (THAT'S how bad she was!)

    Anyways: Enough about me. When did you leave? :) :drama: