Anyone remember this?

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by MWH, Aug 31, 2018.

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    I don't remember it myself, but it has been discussed before. If you go to the Search box on the upper right and type "de-dinging," it will bring up lots of posts mentioning it.

    Welcome to the board, BTW. :)
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    I was working there when the pushing power juggernaut was started. Everyone was giving gifts and money to superiors. It was crazy & it was during that time that I left. I just stumbled on this site after all of these years. Lol
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  4. pineapple

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    I left scn (not Stevens Creek) in 1981 and have been here since 2012. It's great to have a place where you can talk about this stuff and people know what you're talking about and don't (usually) think you're nuts.
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    I was auditing at the Davis Mission in San Francisco at that time. Very weird time.
  6. Veda

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    All of this was an application of Scientology ideas and tech.

    Flowing power, "unreasonableness," the juggernaut, de-PTSing, becoming PTS over slight, perceived, "invalidations," becoming "PTS" (and going "out of valence," or some other ill effect, etc.) because someone was "making a problem for you," etc.

    The difficulty was that it wasn't controlled and supervised by upper management ("Source"), thus "squirrel."

    It was locally created nuttiness and not officially sanctioned nuttiness.

    The "power" to which power was to be flowed was Hubbard not anyone else.

    (Plus some people eventually started finding "invalidations" that seemed to be coming from L. Ron, which was a giant no no. This occurred mostly when some field auditors started using De-dinging as a process on their pcs.)

    A similar type of problem would be Hubbard's notion of Pain-Drug-Hypnosis which he used to explain why some people disagreed with him or said "unkind" things about him, or sometimes behaved in an embarrassing fashion (to Scientology) after having been "processed" by Scientology. For example, he blamed his 2nd wife, Sara, leaving him, on her having been "PDHed." (Later he told people she was a Russian spy named Sara Komkovadamanov, but that's another story.)

    There's a 1960 HCOB, titled, 'A Sad Tail (sic) of PDH', which dismissed the idea of current "PDH," plus a statement by Hubbard, as I recall, around 1963, that "PDH" seldom occurred, and that what was being identified as "PDH" was an ancient "Helatrobus implant," so don't worry about it, as it's not being done now.

    This calmed down staff from their "PDH!" frenzy and got them back into "producing" for "Ron."

    Hubbard used the idea of "PDH" to serve his ends, and discounted it when it proved inconvenient, or started to create a near hysterical situation in "Orgs," with staff checking each other for "PDH," and almost everyone reading (on the meter).

    De-Dinging and Flowing Power are the same same sort of thing: Some Hubbard mischief that was meant to serve Hubbard that was, without authorization, used to serve others.

    That's not OK since only Hubbard is SOURCE, and the one true POWER.

  7. Enthetan

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    If you could characterize Hubbard in one word, that word would be "envious".

    Hubbard could not tolerate anyone besides him being admired. Woe to anyone who he noticed as having accumulated a following of personal admirers. They would be destroyed. The destruction might be delayed if he thought he needed the person, but destruction was inevitable.

    Hubbard ESPECIALLY could not tolerate anybody except hisself prospering financially from association with Scientology. The only exceptions were regges, who were allowed to make money, but only because most of the money they made flowed to Hubbard.
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  8. JackStraw

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    Oh, I remember... The shit really hit the fan when the Creek started back-flashing Flag orders on the grounds that what they were doing "got the stats up" and they had reference after reference from Ron hisself about the importance of stats and how "upstats" were "untouchable."

    Of course, that went over like the old clich├ęd lead balloon. (Hubbard Law of Commotion)