April 21th 1963 to October 6th 2008 - dedicatet to Uwe Stuckenbrock

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Markus, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. Markus

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    Uwe-today would have been your 46. birthday.
    Attachment 783
    Most of the times we sent you a parcel for your birthday filled with Haribo sweets from Germany because you loved it so much!
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    Sometimes we added some current family fotos stamps for your stamp collection and sometimes even foto albums to let you take part in our life and in order to send you some sweetness into your bitter life in the Sea Org of the Church of Scientology. In the last years I even don't know if the parcels came through to you?!

    This is my present for you this year - you had to suffer 11 years in Rehabilitation Project Forces of the Church of Scientology in California concealed from the world only because you had Multiple Sclerosis and because you wanted to blow from the Sea Org when your wife left you because of this illness in order to continue her career in the Sea Org by the side of David Miscavige:

    You were born in Friedrichshafen at the Lake of Constance in 1963. Which is a very beautifull scenery in southern Germany.

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    Friedrichshafen is the city where Graf Zeppelin invented and built the Zeppelins. You had two brothers Markus born 1964 and Jürgen born 1969 and one sister Heike born 1968.

    Attachment 781 Attachment 782

    We had a very happy childhood in Friedrichshafen.
    We were living next to our grandparents house on ours mother's side.
    There was a large garden where we climbed on trees and nibbled sweet berries. We were playing soccer and hide-and-seek all day. In summer we always went to the beach of the Lake of Constance which was only one stone's throw away. Our grandfather was working in the shipyard and as a helmsman on the ferry. We visited him very often at work in the shipyard or on the ferry. It was great for us boys to watch this huge ships in the shipyard in winter when they were restored. The harbour was only about one kilometer from our home and we had a special place near the landing stages of the ships where we climbed on big birch trees in order to watch the ships landing or depart from the harbour. We went angling and in winter we went ice-skating on this beautiful lake near the alps or drove into the mountains to ski.
    My mother was there all day long for her four children and our grandma was there just arround the corner and so we got a lot of time, warmth and love from them both. We learned how to plant in the garden to cook marmalade from our grandma and our mother spent a lot of time doing handcraft with us.
    We had a dog and some hares in a hutch.
    To be continued soon!


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  2. alexm

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    Vielen Dank!
  3. Carmel

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    Hey Markus,

    Sorry that Uwe is not here anymore. This being the time of his birthday, will be a hard time for you, I know. Hang in there.

    Glad you posted the pics - love to Uwe, and to you and the family. :hug:

  4. Markus

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    Today is Uwes Birthday....

    Today would have been Uwes birthday and it is such a beautiful spring time in southern Germany. All the fruit trees in our garden are in bloom and the meadow is spotted colourfully with wild primroses.
    We have about 20 degrees celcius today and we just came back from the family grave where I filled the wooden flower cross for Uwe with blue and white forget-me-not and yellow pansies and decorated it with a little stone heart and a small angel.
    And all the time I ask myself WHY?!? Why has the church of Scientology suppressed a free life for him with his family over all the 30 years he was in the Sea Org?
    Why must he die so young?!
    And he was such a nice guy full of of the joys of life.
    But to keep him in good memory for us all I will continue the story of his life in order to give him the attention he missed in this evil "Church" and in order to give out more information about his life to all the people who knew him but were not able or were not allowed to talk to him freely in the RPF because inside this orgnization free communication is totally suppressed or simply not possible because of the lack of free time!

    In late autum 1967 his brother Jürgen was born.
    He had a cardiac defect and so all the attention of our parents and grandparents naturally went to this youngest and very ill child.
    Uwe was a real boy and allways got up to some mischief. Sometimes maybe even just to get some more attention? And he was the oldest son of four children and thus often was responsible for everything bad that happened.
    I remember many situations where I felt that he was not treated with justice.
    But this is to personal for this thread.

    1969 was an important year in his young life where things changed to the bad somehow. It was his first year in elementary school and he had bad teachers from the beginning and I'm sure this was causing his aversion to school which I never had because I always was lucky with friendly and helpfull teachers in my school career.

    Sorry I need a break now!

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  5. Good twin

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    This is a lovely and heartwrenching tribute Markus. Happy birthday Uwe. :bigcry:
  6. Carmel

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    It's good that you added to the pics on your op, Markus. Glad to see that you'll be adding more. A fitting present and a lovely one. :)
  7. Markus

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    1969 to 1979

    The first years after 1967 when our sweet younger brother Jürgen was born - he was such a lovely boy with a great personality- the family managed the problems with his illness quite good. There were the grandparents just arround the corner and so our mother had a lot of help from them in order to get the hard work done with four children and one of them very ill. Our father most of the time was at work and soon he got a job in Ulm in the publicity department of Magirus Deutz - an enterprise which produced buses, trucks and fire-trucks.
    Magirus-Deutz Bus Woernitz.jpg
    It was very stressful for our parents to drive so very often to Ulm with Jürgen because there was a very good university hospital with cardiac specialists.
    And soon they decided to move to a small village near Ulm called Oberelchingen.
    It was so hard for us all to leave our grandparents and the very beautiful and for children perfect surrounding in Friedrichshafen.
    But soon we found many friends in Oberelchingen because many young families with children were living there. It was the year 1972 with the Olympic Games in Germany and we had the forrest and a soccer pitch just arround the corner and there were many building sites next to our terraced house where we found a lot of old building material which we used to built our village for our children gang on a meadow.
    1974 was the year when Germany won the Soccer World Championship and we spent all the time at the soccer pitch and were so proud that we were World Champion.

    Our parents were very active in in the community at that time. My father was the leader of the sports club committee and my mother was a sports instructor and active member of the church choir in the wonderful Catholic church in Oberelchingen.
    Kirche.jpg schiff.jpg
    The parish priest visited us every sunday for a cold beer with my father. Jürgen was doing quite fine despite his illness and had his first day at school in autum 1974 - he was a very handsome intelligent and wise child. This all sounds like a perfect picture-book family but soon there were dark clouds on the horizon and all twisted into a very bad direction.

    I have to go to work now - will continue tonight.


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  8. frogger

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    Had I only known about Uwe's story and others I never would have given a f@#$ing dime to that damn cult. My heart goes out to you and your family. With any luck you will get to see the death of this cult.

    God speed my friend.
  9. Markus

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    See post below

    See post below.
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  10. Markus

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    1969 to 1979 - continued

    Still we were living in the beautiful village Oberelchingen where Napoleon once defeated the Austrians on his way to Austerlitz.
    oberelchingen2.jpg Schlacht.jpg
    But not everything was so great as it seemed to be. My mother was on her own with all the work in the house and there was no grandma just arround the corner any longer. And our father was still working all the time as far as I remember and was only at home on sunday sometimes. And something was not ok at all with the relationship of our parents - this was very clear for us!
    Our brother Jürgen had to go to school since 1974 and this was the beginning of a very sad story. Many children in his class were teasing him very badly because he looked different with his deep blue lips and because of his weakness in sports - of course all caused by his heart defect. But most of the children were so cruel to him anyway and soon he started to loose his strenght in his fight against his illness. After a complicated operation of the heart in 1975 he died 8 years young.

    The relationship between our father and our mum was ruined years before but now after Jürgens death it was clear to us that they would split up soon.
    Exactly in this time period our father got in contact with the Church of Scientology - well you can see very clearly how easy it must have been to find the ruin of our father in order to get him on the bridge and he always was a fan of science fiction books like "Perry Rhodan" and Hubbard Horror novels.
    Perry Rhodan.jpg vampir_horror_roman_26.jpg
    No wonder he was and is trapped so deeply in this cult - somehow I can understand it very good after knowing exactly how he was pushed in by this unfortunate circumstances.
    Our mother was trapped too because she wanted to save her marriage and so she hoped Scientology could help her with this and with her grief about the death of her lovely child.
    It was a very chaotic time for us children - our first contact with Scientology was a "Communication Course" weekend at a lodge at the "Schäbischen Alb" near Geislingen. For me as a young 12 year old it was a torture to sit quiet on chairs all day long but at least I met a sweet girl named Iris there but she lived to far away near Stuttgart so there was only a short contact with her. I think it was the same for Uwe at that time - he didn't like this Scientology stuff but you know boys of that age are not talking to much - at least not about the last weekend on the "Communication Course".
    As soon as the family contacted the CoS our parents were away from us all the time. Or we were on course in "Dianetik Stuttgart" while our parents got some Auditing or tried to handle their marriage. I remember a time when we children had to live in the house of friends in the neighbourhood because my mother got auditing in Copenhagen for several weeks and our father anyway was very seldom at home then. I don't know what he did exactly all that time but I know that he soon was the ED of "Mission Ulm" and he quitted his job at "Magirus Deutz". And I know that Mum and Dad spent a lot of time in handling their marriage with Scientology Tech and that this failed totally.
    In 1978 my parents splitted up completely and we were asked by a judge where we wanted to live - with our father or with our mother - all three of us wanted to live with our mother so we had to move to Hörvelsingen in December 1978 into an old farmhouse because my mother couldn't pay the rent for the house in Oberelchingen any longer.

    Well the maintenance of my father as a staff member of the Church of Scientology was surely not enough to live with her three children so she had to go to work full time as a ward aid in the university hospital in Ulm. A very hard job on a cancer ward. Poor mum! But she was working hard for us and still gave us a lot of love, time and warmth. After we moved to Hörvelsingen some family spirit came back for a short time - Uwe, my sister Heike and I had a lot of fun in this very little village. I was playing soccer all day and got up to mischief with my gang or spent all weekend on a meadow on the hill drinking beer and sleeping in a tend or under the stars and really fell in love with a very sweet girl. My sister and my brother were in another group and organized regular parties at the attic storey of our house or just had fun every weekend at some beer feast or concerts of local rockbands.
    Bierfest.jpg Bierwerbung.jpg

    We were helping all together to run this family and we were doing fine but one day my brother suddenly disappeared. I know that he worked in the "Mission Ulm" which was located then in Unterelchingen - and I know that he was recruited into the Sea Org in Saint Hill in England.

    Why? Well he was the oldest (16 years old) man in this family and I think he was not able to cope with that responsibility which was imposed on him by his mother and I'm sure the recruiters told him how special he was and that not everybody was allowed to join the most ethical group on this planet.


    And of course he wanted to quit school forever! This was Uwes trap in life.
    It was the first time he was dying for us - not because we were angry about his decission but simply because he never ever had really time for his family again from the day on he joined the Sea Org. He was gone and my mother lost a second child within a few years this time because of this fanatic cult :angry:

    I will continue tomorrow - I'm so tired now.


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  11. Markus

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  12. moarxenu

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    Thank you Markus for this loving commemoration of Uwe. It is very moving. We will continue to fight so no one is subjected to the abuses of this cult.
  13. Markus

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    Our journey to Italy was never sanctioned by the Sea Org

    In 1995 my brother Uwe and I agreed to make a journey to Italy at his already arranged visit at home in 1996. Then he told me that he is not allowed to travel because the Sea Org fears that he could blow. In fact he was imprissioned in the RPF. So we were not able to make this journey in the next year as Uwe promised us. We never were able to have this great experience of this most beautiful country on earth together. And Uwe was so glad when we planned to do this wonderful vacation because the Church of Scientology locked him up in the RPF for 11 years till he died in October 2008. In fact I was not able to meet him again ever! I don't know if you can imagine how this is hurting me so very deep in my heart?

    As a tribute to this wonderfull country and in memory of this so unbelievable cruel prevented voyage I'll leave this song here - and some pictures of happier days.

    Uwe I love you - Italy you are so marvellous!


    Uwe somewhere on the INT Base about 1994.



    Uwe and his youngest brother Jürgen

    Uwe Hochzeit.jpg.jpg

    Uwe at his wedding


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  14. Markus

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    Beloved persons stay forever - 21st of April - Uwes birthday

    "Menschen die wir lieben bleiben für immer, denn sie hinterlassen Spuren in unseren Herzen."


    "When he wanted to leave the Sea Org in 1998 due to his illness and the experienced injustices that were connected to this, he was held back against his will and thereby kept in this deadly trap for him. Scientology hindered him from getting the proper medication against his MS and thus caused his cruel and very early death.

    Scientology hindered him in telling his mother and his family that he suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for 6 years from 1996 to 2002 thus denying us from given him the help he needed. Scientology hindered my brother from communicating freely with his family for almost 30 years and when he was getting worse, it was even harder to reach him. And very often, we had no chance to talk to him for months and it took several calls before he (was allowed?) to call or called back.

    Scientology hindered him from founding a family and Uwe told me again and again that he wanted to have children. Sea Org members are not allowed to have children and those whom become pregnant either has to have abortions or must leave. Scientology hindered him from getting the so much needed warm and tender love from his family. Scientology hindered him from seeing and hugging his three sweet nieces over here in Germany.

    Scientology hindered him from leading a happy and free life without the mind manipulations and accusations by this crazy cult. I have seen the pain that this ugly cruelness caused my family and especially for my mother.

    Uwe died on October 6th 2008 after 12 years suffering under inhuman conditions and mistreatment of his Multiple Sclerosis. The funeral establishment by “Rachals Funeral Home” managed the “deposing” that took place on October 8th 2008 at Sea off the Coast of Los Angeles County."

    From: "Wanna understand what happened to Uwe Stuckenbrock":


    Uwes story in "The Soul Catchers":


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  15. Smilla

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    Thinking of you and Uwe. Hug. Hug.

    Smilla xx
  16. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

    You are so sweet - thank you so much.

  17. Sharone Stainforth

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    I have no words right now. Just :bighug:
  18. Arthur Dent

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    Dear dear Markus,
    I try not to be bitter in my own life after my own cult experience, but I am angry about stories like Uwe's. As I see it, while you surely must be so angry and also mourn Uwe so much, you also have a great capacity for beauty and truth. I hope this helps fuel your persistence in getting this most important truth known. I, too, had I known this single story, would never have given a dime or my decades of time to this cult.
    I will now go to my garden and do something beautiful in celebration of Uwe.
    I wish you peace.
  19. UmbalumTeapot

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    "Stucken-Gate" should be the one story to incite a thorough legal investigation into this hideous, mafia-like, sinister, evil and corrupt organisation which masquerades as a religion.

    There are hundreds, nay thousands, of similar tales of woe... always have been- dating back to the 1960's.

    Fortunately / Unfortunately(?) Information can, unlike in the pre-internet days, be found and verified incredibly easily. The info has always been there.

    Whilst I have little empathy left for cult-appologisers, "seekers of the true *tech*", freezoners, RathbunInder Inc. (TM). and such, I do feel the sadness felt by Markus.

    I wish him well, hope the best for him and acknowledge that his story re: Uwe has achieved something for the good already.

    ESMB and its regulars must be thanked, also, for giving Markus a "map" to follow in his research. A "wog" exploring $cino-land without a map... is like me trying to find my house without GPS :p (I fail at Geography:whistling:)

    Best wishes to Markus.
  20. skollie

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    Reading your threads, I can feel the incredible love you had for your brother, Markus.


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