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  1. kate8024

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    The CofS has shown that its willing to change the material to some extent, some indies are violently against this but I believe it to be something that needs to be taken even further. It's not that the CofS views someone else as source, its that they are willing to ignore the idea of LRH as source to make improvements - even if those improvements are only <1% of the ones I think need to be made. Not all indies are this way by any means, but its a common sentiment that I encountered.

    There is at least one website which goes through many (if not all) of the GAT changes but I can't find it offhand. A little googling around should bring it up though. When I went through it though I didn't find one change I wouldn't have made myself.

    Now the topic of making people redo the bridge after the GAT releases is a different story. I think that is dumb and had I paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do the bridge I would have laughed at them if they said I needed to do it again.
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    I said I believe you are a Scientologist. Could you please elaborate on the reactions you have received when discussing the Nation of Islam, the killing of Lisa Mc Pherson, the harassment and intimidation of former Scientologists who have spoken out, the impisonment of Scientology staff, the abandonment of elderly Scientologists, the routine break-up of families, and bankruptcies. You say those things concern you, but your response seems... well, glib. How do you rationalize being in the Church? I'd really like to know, Kate. Also, please tell me the reaction you get from Scientologists if and when you mention that David Miscavige beats his staff.
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    From Kate:

    " I think that Bridge and Golden Era do really great work."

    Yeah, me too - give a few examples please. What "great work" might that be? Great? I can't help myself:

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    That sounds to me like a "yes, if you want." If so, thank you. If not, squawk. :)

    Well, that would be interesting to see. I toyed with the idea of making PaulsRobot receptive to voice commands, but it seemed to me that I couldn't formulate a command to click a link in a PaulsRobot page (like "I picked an item. Next?") rather than a simple browser menu option such as "Open New tab." Plus it would have to be very clear to avoid the mess of moving to the wrong page and having to back up and try again, which would tend to throw one out of session. However, you being a proper software engineer and not a simple static HTML page creator like me (not being snarky!), maybe you know how to achieve that.

    I have a Thetameter. Long ago I looked carefully at the possibility of robot metering and decided that it would never work, but I'm always willing to be convinced otherwise by a better rationale. Or better by practical demonstration of a working prototype!

    Good luck anyway, if you ever get around to either of these.

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    And next question...

    What further tech (or other than tech, if that's what you meant) changes should have been done in order, in your opinion, for the GAT changes to go far enough?

    Give us a general idea of the extent of changes you would like to see, and a few specific examples, please?
  6. kate8024

    kate8024 -deleted-

    I agree that language is a fluid, ever changing thing and should be fun.

    Since I don't believe in the bridge as being a thing with levels that question requires a bit of a non-standard answer. I could potentially list all of the individual processes I've done but that would be rather tedious and I doubt many are interested. I've spent some doing processes all the way from Self Analysis to Solo NOTs. I skip around as the mood strikes me.
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    What a horrendously amazing distortion of reality. Your gullibility (or spin) knows no bounds.

    "The CofS has shown that its willing to change the material to some extent".

    Miscavige sat at his desk and rewrote whatever the fuck he wanted to. They re-released the Basic Books, with very MINOR changes, as an income ploy (make all members purchase NEW libraries).

    Hubbard changed the materials day after day, month after month, and year after year, while maintaining the claim and illusion that "Scientology had long since reached a point of total workability, stability and exactness" (ref: KSW). A major lie and deception has always been that Scientology had a fixed and stable "bridge to total freedom", yet in fact, the details were ALWAYS CHANGING. While the small details may change, whether under Hubbard or now under Miscavige, the BIG LIES remain intact and the same.

    You had to reach in far to pull THIS ONE out of your ass:

    "willing to ignore the idea of LRH as source".

    Example please? Where was THAT ever stated or admitted? What weird concatenation of logic results in THAT notion?

    Again, this is silly beyond belief. One would have to rewrite and edit large amounts of books, HCOBs and policies to get anywhere ever close to such an alien idea.
  8. kate8024

    kate8024 -deleted-

    Everyone impacts each other to some degree with every interaction. I'm not going in trying to be a revolutionary with guns blasting. I'm saying anyone has completely changed their tune because of me. What I am saying is that I might cause a few people to think 2-3% differently than they did before. That's still change. It's small, but thats often how change happens. I'm not writing Knowledge Reports on alterations of tech and things like that - that's big deal type things that are attempts to directly affect big changes. I'm simply modeling to the people that I interact with in the church what I believe a more reasonable and critical Scientologist should look and act like without going so far outside of their worldview as to create massive friction.
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    I'm so sorry. I wish you well on your recovery.
  10. kate8024

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    I like the work done on things like the Scientology commercials and the various quote videos, I like the actual physical books and lectures. I find the new artwork designs to be beautiful, I love the paper and printing quality in the hardcover books, I like the design of the CD cases, and so on. The sound and video restoration work is in some cases amazing. The people who actually make these materials I think do an excellent job.
  11. kate8024

    kate8024 -deleted-

    That's a yes if you want.

    I think it is possible to have a metering program like I'm imagining but there are some unknowns still like how easy it is to accurately detect different meter reads programmatically. I'm pretty sure its feasible but I won't know for certain until I play around with it. The voice commands and stuff won't be too much of a problem as I'd write it as a desktop program. But yeah its a low priority side project in the contemplation phase but I'll let you know if I make some progress on it :)
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    I totally see what you and Veda are saying here but scholar/researcher/academic or not, I'm still baffled by the lack of concern for others and how she doesn't see her participation (in an exstention course, attendance of an LRH birthday event, or even allowing them to count her as a stat) as forwarding their agenda with all I have seen her be told here on ESMB.
    If I had people telling me this shit I'd take a step back and reevaluate my stance pretty damn fast!
  13. Gadfly

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    Yes, I aware of the New Age and semi-mystical notions that "the sneeze of a fly sends ripples of change to the ends of the universe and back".

    This theoretical mumbo-jumbo is just that.

    Where do you come up with this nonsense?

    "I believe a more reasonable and critical Scientologist . . . "

    "Reasonable" is per policy not allowed, it is a non-rewarded behavior, it is actually PUNISHED when spotted and found (per extensive policies).

    A "critical Scientologist"? Again . . .


    These sort of statements are so absurd. They are so off in a la-la land of imaginary conditional unlikely possibilities. One would have to rewrite the majority of Scientology, render it no longer as "Scientology", for such things to become reality.

    If you ever actually got to a point where you made ANY real effect at all, you would be segregated in HCO, and eventually tossed out if you didn't quickly modify your behavior. But dream on.

    That's it for me. This is like talking to a box of hammers . . . . .

    Like I said, talking with Kate is useless. The nonsense and BS just keeps coming. Talking to her just causes the next avalanche of total bullshit.

    A "reasonable and critical Scientologist". How quaint. How ridiculous. What a contradiction of terms. Umm, oxymorons anyone? Or, maybe leave the "oxy" part out completely. :ohmy:
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  14. Mimsey Borogrove

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    How about "calling" yourself a quasi-scientologist?
  15. kate8024

    kate8024 -deleted-

    I never said they stated or admitted that but what is GAT if not ignoring the idea of LRH as 'source' and making a really bad excuse to make it look otherwise. Regardless of how they presented it, it was an action of ignoring the idea of LRH as source.
  16. kate8024

    kate8024 -deleted-

    I sometimes use the term semi-Heterodox Scientologist which is kind of similar to that.
  17. aegerprimo

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    Kate, whatever floats your boat.

    If you feel Scientology tech helps you, improves your abilities, and/or gives you new ones, then more power to you. The main thing that attracted me to Dianetics and Scientology when I first got involved was that LRH claimed to have done research and refined the “tech” to be workable for everybody. It is fact that LRH never did any research, and made up/compiled the “tech” as he went along. Many people on ESMB have said this, and there have been books written about it. To me, Scientology “tech” is like a fad diet that claims miracle weight loss, but does not work for most people and sometimes even causes severe health issues.

    One other thing I would like to point out; if you are buying books and correspondence courses from the Co$, and if you are a Co$ member in good standing with a current IAS membership; you are supporting (giving money to) a criminal organization that ruins people’s lives. I hope you are aware of how Co$ critics (such as myself) feel about that.
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    So what exactly is Scientology to you that you can pick and choose what you want to do in no particular order?

    How is that a religion?

    How is that a Science?

    How is that any kind of methodology to accomplish something?

    It sounds more like the construct of a cook book or an excercise routine to work on various parts of the body.

    Your taking something that is supposed to have form and structure and turning it into a game with your own rules.

    What other philosophies and religions do you stir into the stew?

    Are you creating a new and improved Cult?

  19. kate8024

    kate8024 -deleted-

    I don't view it as a mystical standpoint - people tend to pick up habits and social cues from people they interact with, this should be pretty self-evident. Again what you are talking about a single person trying to directly affect large-scale change, that's not what I'm trying to do.
  20. MissWog

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    Honestly, this just sounds to me like you are trying to convince either Scions on the fence or never-ins that the church isn't so bad and people should give it a try. It is as if you just want to knock that first little doubt out of the way in hopes to keep members or recruit more. I'm sorry but you do sound like you work for the CofS. And if you don't care that this is the way you come across then I question your lack of sympathy for others and I don't understand why that doesn't bother you.