Boston - Part 2

Discussion in 'North America' started by Pooks, Jan 21, 2016.

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  1. freethinker

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    Don't think it will happen. That's all I will say.
  2. NoIdea

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    Man, I had dreams for years. Always the same story. I was suddenly somehow back in the org. I couldn't believe that I went back after all the emotional energy it took to leave the first time. And I really felt bad that my new wife and family had to deal with me working all day and then going to the org at night. But I didn't feel that I had the energy to leave again.

    Eventually though, the dreams progressed to the point where I did plan on leaving again. And then eventually I did leave again in my dreams. And what do you know, the dreams pretty much stopped after that. It's like my mind had to relive it to make sure it wouldn't happen again. Occasionally I still have a dream that I'm in some situation with a bunch of org staff, but it's not like I'm actually back on staff and stuck there again. They are just people who I used to know who appear in my dreams as a group.
  3. freethinker

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    I feel bad for you guys. I haven't had a dream about anything Scientology since I left. Also I never had dreams about it when I was in. Not really dream worthy material.
  4. Boojuum

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    I had dreams of being in for about 20 years. Always the same BS about frenetic need to do something. Actually, reading this stuff made me realize that I don't have them anymore.

    And thank god for that side door by the men's bathroom.

    What a nutty idea. Holding people back from fleeing a reg cycle or making a letters quota or some other ridiculous and meaningless effort.

    Feels great to be out.
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  6. freethinker

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    I heard a lot of stories about Alex Siberski and his pentchant for throwing knives. Staff members being shoved against the wall was a common occurrence. St. Hill size came with a price that most wouldn't want to pay.
  7. myrklix

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